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Zeus is the king of the gods on Mount Olympus and is a character in Kingdom Hearts III.


Zeus has a very protective and mighty personality, often praising his sons good deeds and for following his heart. He has a playful side to him as well, best seen when he laughed at Hades' threats and tossed a lightning bolt into his cloud portal as he departed Mount Olympus.

Physical Appearance

Zeus is a tall and buff man with peach skin, long white hair that goes past his shoulders, and a triangular beard. He wears a one-shoulder purple toga that goes down to his feet and has blue lightning bolt hems. He does not wear any shoes or sandals and has a purple sash with blue lightning bolt hems pinned over his shoulder with a medallion known as the 'Symbol of the Gods.'


Kingdom Hearts III

Zeus, having been captured by Hades and the monstrous Titans, was freed by his son, Hercules. Together, Zeus and Hercules forced the Titans out of Mount Olympus and drove Hades off, but not before tossing a lightning bolt into the portal with him. Zeus remains in Mount Olympus, guarding the gates to ensure the Titans do not return.


Zeus is a character in the film Hercules. His character is based on Zeus, King of the Gods in Greek Mythology.