Zero Gear
Zero Gear
The Zero Gear ⑤ (ゼロギア⑤ Zero Gia⑤?) is a Gear that is found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. When equipped, it transforms the user's weapon into a more powerful form that draws forth its wielder's true worth. The Zero Gear ⑤ is obtained from the Moogle Shop for 30000 Heart Points once Roxas is promoted to Legend.

The Zero Gear is emblazoned with the Nobody insignia, signifying that for the Organization members, as well as others who wear the Black Coat, this gear produces that character's signature weapon. For Sora, Donald, and Goofy, it instead produces their Dream weapon. For Roxas, however, it produces his signature Oathkeeper and Oblivion only when equipped with three Ability Units, and only during Mission Mode. It produces Kingdom Key+, Oathkeeper, and Two Become One when equipped with zero, one, and two Ability Units, respectively. In Story Mode, three Ability Units simply revert the Keyblade back into Kingdom Key+.

Zero Gear Zero Gear Zero Gear
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