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DL Zack

Zack (ザックス Zakkusu?) is a D-Link in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, usable by Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. It is obtained after clearing Olympus Coliseum.


Zack's first ability is Berserk, in which the player can deal more critical damage with the cost of getting more vulnerable to enemy attacks. His second ability greatly covers the first ability's weakness, which is the decrease of defense: Attack Deflector will sometimes guard against enemy's attack, therefore lessens the chance of getting hit by the enemy.

Zack's D-link's ability of Slot Edge could be an allusion to a large part of the Battle system in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which has you gaining temporary abilities and strengths via a system similar to a slot machine. Also, Zack's D-Link emblems are colored orbs, similar to Materia from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.


Level 0

DL ZackAvatar1
Command Deck

Level 1

DL ZackAvatar1
Command Deck
  • Fire Strike, Quick Blitz, Fire Strike, Quick Blitz, Stop, Slot Edge
  • Hero's Entrance

Level 2

DL ZackAvatar2
Command Deck

Exclusive Commands

Hero's Entrance

Hero's Entrance (ヒーローズカミング Hīrōzu Kamingu?, lit. "Hero's Coming") - The player jumps up and slashes downward, thrusting the Keyblade into the ground, and creating a shockwave which damages grounded enemies nearby.

Hero's Pride

Hero's Pride (ヒーローズプライド Hīrōzu Puraido?) - The player shoots out a beam of energy from their Keyblade and then perform many teleporting slashes. This skill resembles Cloud's Omnislash Limit Break from Final Fantasy VII.

After the player has swung their Keyblade at the target 10 times, the player will slam down their Keyblade through the target into the ground, creating a dark shock wave which damages surrounding enemies both on ground and in air. The character will then execute a sequence of attacks very similar to Time Splicer, where the character will teleport and attack enemies, leaving afterimages.


Aqua using Hero's Pride.

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