Yozora KHIII

Yozora is the secret ending movie of Kingdom Hearts III. It is a teaser for a possible future installment of the Kingdom Hearts series.


The secret ending opens with bright city lights reflecting in a puddle on the ground. Sora awakens in the middle of a street, laying in the puddle. He staggers to his feet, gazes at his hands, and looks around confused. Similarly, Riku awakens in another part of the city. The scene flashes back and forth between Sora and Riku as they try to take in what is happening, with Sora focusing in on the 104 Building at a major crosswalk, while Riku stares at another building. Riku begins walking down a sidewalk as the camera pans up the building he was looking at, revealing Yozora to be observing him. The scene changes to a man, the Master of Masters, standing on the edge of another building. He fumbles with his fingers before finally making a heart shape overlapping the distant moon, alluding to Kingdom Hearts.

Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts

Characters in Order of Appearance

Unlock Criteria

The number of required Lucky Emblems that must be met in order to unlock "Yozora" depend upon the difficulty mode the player has chosen.

  • Beginner Mode
    • Collect all 90 Lucky Emblems and complete the game.
  • Normal Mode
    • Collect 60 Lucky Emblems and complete the game.
  • Proud Mode
    • Collect 30 Lucky Emblems and complete the game.
  • Critical Mode
    • Complete the game.


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