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Yao is a character from Kingdom Hearts II. He is one of three aspiring warriors who joined the Imperial army of the Land of Dragons, alongside Chien Po and Ling. He is the shortest, both in stature and temper, among the three.

When Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Mulan attempt to join the army, Sora is attempting to get in line when Yao cuts in front of him. When Sora objects, Yao punches him in the face, which leads to a massive brawl between himself, Sora, Donald, Ling, and Chien Po, which Goofy attempts to break up and Mulan succeeds in breaking up. While he disliked Sora and co. at first, he softened his attitude towards them after they saved China from Shan-Yu and the Heartless.


Yao is very arrogant, aggressive, and short-tempered. He is often found yelling, and degrading others. Out of the Yao, Chien Po, Ling trio, Yao is the unofficial leader. He is also the most aggressive out of the trio, being shown starting fights often. He does not look up to his commanders, and contains a arrogant attitude. Despite his aggressive nature, Yao is kind to those he respects.

Physical Appearance

Yao is a short, broad-shouldered, muscular man with a prominently bruised left eye. He has thick, rectangular, black eyebrows and thick, black sideburns not unlike Xaldin's; they hook around his cheeks and form a thin mustache on his upper lip. His chin is quite large and his nose is flat. Yao dresses in Chinese armor colored mostly in shades of grey and red. His helmet has a red tassel on its top and he carries a jian with a gold guard and pommel and a black hand grip.


Kingdom Hearts II

Yao has a very minor role in Kingdom Hearts II, along with Chien Po and Ling. Yao first appears shortly after Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Ping join the army. While waiting in the line for food, Yao cuts Sora which creates a fight. Yao is later seen at the Summit carrying a rocket with intentions of killing Shan-Yu. During Shan-Yu's invasion at the Palace Yao helps Li Shang and other soldiers protect the emperor. After Shan-Yu's defeat, Yao can be found outside at the entrance of the Village.

During the credits, Yao is shown spying on Mulan and Li Shang along with Ling and Chien Po, but the three are discovered when they fall down, alerting the couple.


Yao comes from the movie "Mulan". His role in the game is very similar to that in the movie. He is with Chien Po and Ling, starts a fight with Ping, and carries the rocket with the intention of killing Shan-Yu. He also helps Li Shang and the others protect the emperor.


  • Yao's name means "one" (the number) in Mandarin Chinese.