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Xion is the fourteenth member of Organization XIII, to appear in the upcoming game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. At the Square-Enix press conference DK∑3713, she was revealed in a trailer to wield the Kingdom Key and to have connections to both Naminé and Kairi.

Little is known about her role in the game. She has now shown up twice: once in Twilight Town, where she aided Roxas and Axel, and again in Beast's Castle, where she and Riku had a verbal showdown. A recent Famitsu article has stated that she has a "tragic but brave fate." Axel was quoted saying that Xion often tries to escape, and he always brings her back. This suggests that Xion is not in the Organization on her own will, but is forcibly kept a member.

Although she wields a keyblade in the most recent video, it is unknown if this is a real keyblade, or if, as Riku suggests, it is a fake, though some speculate that he was most likely just not willing to accept the fact that someone else could wield the Keyblade other than himself, Sora, King Mickey and Kairi. Her Keyblade from the trailer has been revealed to be the Kingdom Key, Sora's original Keyblade, from many sources. Naminé also makes a reference to her while talking to DiZ, talking about connecting memories. At the 2008 TGS it was announced that at one point in the game, she steals Roxas's Keyblade.

There is still no confirmation on her powers, though she's revealed to look and sound like Kairi and have black hair, dark skin, and blue eyes.

Blindfolded Riku and Xion are talking. Xion: "Will you tell me about it? About Sora and the girl he's always together with." Riku: "You mean Kairi?" Xion: "Kairi... The girl looks like me." Riku: "She's the girl Sora cares a lot for."

Xion's face looks flustered.

Xion: "I'm sorry... But... I can't disappear now." Xion: "It's because I have an important friend." Riku: "Is that so...?"

Riku places a hand upon her shoulder.

Riku: "In that case, think about it. You should really return to your original self."

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