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The Hundred Acre Wood terminal

The World Terminus is a location from Kingdom Hearts.

Found deep within the End of the World, the World Terminus is a series of pillar-like structures spread out in a vast emptiness. On each pillar is a beam of light that acts like a "terminal" to an area. Also on each pillar is a portal to the previous pillar and a portal to the next pillar (available only after entering the terminal). The last pillar instead has a hole leading to Bald Mountain and Chernabog.

The Terminals

At first, every terminal is a blue color. If you have sealed that world, it is a purple color(Meaning only Atlantica, Olympus Coluseum or Halloween town could be blue). The only exception is the last terminal, which is always green.

Each terminal takes Sora and his party to a location from each world (meaning Monstro is not included). The first pillar takes Sora to the Third District in Traverse Town. There he must battle more powerful versions of Heartless there. Afterwords, Sora recieves the Brave Warrior item (originally obtained by defeating the Guard Armor) and the door to the First District is unlocked. However, taking it leaves the terminal. The same pattern follows for all the other terminals, with the exception of the green one. In order, Sora is taken to Traverse Town, Wonderland, the Olympus Coliseum, Deep Jungle, Agrabah, Atlantica, Halloween Town, Neverland, Hollow Bastion, and the Hundred Acre Wood. In the Atlantica and Halloween Town ones, Sora is in his proper form. Upon completing the terminal, Sora receives a copy of the item he received by beating the boss of that world (with Deep Jungle yielding the White Fang and Agrabah yielding the Ray of Light).

The exception is the green terminal, which takes Sora to the Hundred Acre Wood. Instead of battling, there are one or two items along with a Save Space that can take the party back to the Gummi Ship.

On the first time entering hole on the final pillar, Sora is brought to where the Heartless are being created before going to Bald Mountain. On all other occasions, Sora is taken straight to Bald Mountain.

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