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A Wizard

Wizards are enemies from Kingdom Hearts.

The most powerful relative to the Vivi-like Heartless such as Red Nocturne, Wizards are one of the enemies Sora encounters on the balconies of Hollow Bastion. It is one of the two Heartless in its family to not have a name referring to a color and a form of music (the other is the Bookmaster).

Wizards are masters of magic. Unlike their relatives, which only use one form of magic, Wizards use all but three types. They use Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Gravity magic; but they don't use Cure, Aero, and Stop magic (and in terms of the games as a whole, they don't use Reflect either). They additionally have the ability to teleport. Wizards may be found most commonly in Hollow Bastion, but are also a common appearance in Wonderland after the castle's keyhole is revealed.

There is a 5% chance of a Wizard leaving a Wizard's Relic after being destroyed.

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