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Wingblade is a Level 2 Command Style exclusive to Ventus in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It is activated by using Edge, Magnet, Light (ie. Salvation, Faith) or Reprisal-type Deck Commands while already in a Command Style. It can also be activated by the use of the ice cream Double Crunch. (Place item in Command Deck.)


Ven showing off the basic moves of Wingblade.

While using Wingblade, Ventus's attacks become much more powerful and harder to block, while his combos are elongated considerably, preventing enemies from escaping his attacks easily. The finisher consists of Ventus throwing the swords into the ground, as they form an altar-like shape. Ventus then lands in the middle of the swords as a brilliant shockwave of light damages all enemies on-screen.


When using Wingblade, Ventus will be surrounded by six swords of light that fly along with him, reminiscent of an angel's wings. Whenever Ventus attacks, he seems to grab them from their positions in mid-air.

Obtaining Wingblade

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