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The Windows to the Past are four magical windows that lead to special battlegrounds. They appear at Cornerstone Hill in Timeless River. They lead to four different areas that have different elements that can effect combat. They also play an important part of the story of Timeless River, as they have the power to show past events. Sora, Donald and Goofy use the Windows to find out what Maleficent and Pete's plans were involving the Cornerstone of Light. The four arenas highly resemble the props that Pete sets up in the boss battle against him.

In the game, Sora and co. need to defeat all the Heartless in the areas to progress in the game.

The Windows

Building Site

The Building Site is a large wooden platform hanging onto the frames on a construction site. Occasionally, the platform will begin to bounce, sending Sora, the company and the Heartless enemies bouncing into the air. This gives Sora the ability to use the Air Slash reaction command to do multiple amounts of damage to the Heartless. This is the final stage of combat in the boss battle against Pete.


Lilliput is a minuscule town, Sora being a giant compared to it. It is surrounded by water and has a cannon tower in the center. Sora can use the Stomp Bomb command on the tower to release multiple shots of fire against his enemies. In the Pete boss battle, the tower shoots on its own accord and harms Sora as well.

Scene of the Fire

The Scene of the Fire is an area that shows a large building that has been set on fire. Random blazes of fire leap from the building during combat, and Sora must put these out to win the battle. This is probably the hardest arena to defeat, as two powerful Hot Rods attack the group during the skirmish.

Mickey's House

Mickey's House is the living room of Timeless River's Mickey Mouse's house. A small sphere-shaped black hole is in the arena. Shadows dissolve from the blackhole, and it can also suck up your party. Based on the room, one can conclude it is around Christmas-time in Timeless River, or at least Mickey's House, because of a decorated Christmas tree and it is snowing if you look out the window.

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