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Wildfire (ラビッドスピナー Rabiddo Supinā?, lit. "Rabid Spinner") is a pair of Chakrams that can be wielded by Axel in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Wildfire+.


A Wildfire Chakram has a main wheel made up of eight spikes of alternating sizes. The small ones are square-shaped and red with black outlines. The large ones are shaped like squared-off arrowheads and are purple with black outlines. The handle is light blue and attaches to the larger spikes. This model of Chakram is virtually identical to the Corona model, albeit on Corona the larger spikes are red and not purple.

The name means the same as the Wikipedia:Wildfire world event of the same name, clearly referencing Axel's element.


The ground combo starts with two front slashes, then a knock into the air, followed by another two frontal slashes and finally ending with a two Chakrams spinning around Axel once.

The aerial combo starts with two midair slashes and ending with the Chakrams spinning around Axel once.

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