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The Wild Bruiser is an Unversed that is found in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix.


A Wild Bruiser is a large, muscular, ape-like creature. Its body is predominantly brown, but its belly and chest are dark grey. Its forearms are massive and drag along the ground, its hands are black, and it wears a green and light green bracelet on each of its wrists. Its legs are relatively small and thin and its head is spherical. The Wild Bruiser's face is black and has two black horns jutting out of the sides of its head. It also has what seems to be a yellow banana peel on its head. Its red eyes are set in a happy expression and the Unversed logo is emblazoned on its belly.

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, the Wild Bruiser's skin is changed from brown to grey, its cuffs are changed to red and black and the belly and chest are made a very light chocolate brown.

Its name represents its immense physical strength and its wild, gorilla-like appearance


The Wild Bruiser mainly uses its strength to fight. It has three attacks: slamming the ground with its fists and causing rock to jut out of the ground, slamming the ground with both fists and creating twin shockwaves, or charging at the player. Its attacks can deal heavy damage. As mentioned above, a Wild Bruiser is hard to damage physically, so magic attacks are the way to go. Therefore, Aqua is the best character to fight this Unversed. Take note that Magnet nor Gravity magic will not lift it off the ground, but Aero magic can. Also note that landing a combo finisher causes the Unversed to drop its banana peel hat, leaving it stunned and open to more attacks.


  • Charge: Charges at the player.
  • Quake: Slams the ground, causing rocks to jut out of the ground in the player's direction.
  • Rapid Slam: Slams the ground multiple times, creating mini shockwaves.