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The White Tome (白き辞典 Shiroki Jiten?, lit. "White Dictionary") is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the White Tome+.


The White Tome is a rectangular book with a light blue hour glass shape lining its spine. The top and bottom sides are concave and both covers are dominated by a large, dark light blue "X". These marks are rather uneven and blotched, and they are each surrounded by an indigo border. All of the other visible spaces on the lexicon are white. White Tome is a palette swap of Black Primer.

"White" clearly refers to the lexicon's light coloration. A tome can refer to a large book or one book in a series of volumes. A dictionary is a compilation of the meanings, use, and other information relating to words.


White Tome's normal ground combo consists of a slash straight down with the spine up, a sweep from Zexion's upper right to lower left and back, and a wide angled telepathic swing that serves as the finisher. The Y-Combo chain consists of a sweep from left to right, a wide slash upwards, and flinging the White Primer forwards while spinning.

The aerial combo consists of two quick strikes on an angle, and spinning the White Primer forwards for the finisher.

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