Inside Riku's Data

Well isn't this weird. First of all, your inside Riku. Second of all, Riku's inside Riku. Third of all, not only are you and Riku inside Riku, but there's also a Moogle inside Riku, trying to sell you things. O_O. anyway, when you regain control enter the strange door.

Destiny Islands

When you arrive in the Destiny Islands, be on the lookout for little blue orbs. These are your powers. They may be inside Bug Blox, inside enemies, wherever. Keep finding them until the Matrix Power in the top left corner goes up to 20%. When you're done, head over to the little island via the bridge. Proceed through the sector to finish.

Traverse Town

Once you return to the Central Corruption, save and head through the next door. Once again, remember to raise the Matrix Power to 40%. Now, the bugs in Traverse Town have messed up the worlds layout, so don't be surprised when you enter the door to the Third District, and end up in the Second >_<. Follow the path out into the open area, then head through the door to the First District. The sector is located on the door to the Accessory Shop.


Return, save, and enter the new door. Now that it's kind of a tradition, raise the Matrix Power to 60%. Once again, the bugs are messing with this world's layout. Each door will take you to a different place in the Lotus Forest. This time, the sector is located on a Lily Pad, which is located high up on the far end of the forest.


This world is EXTREMELY HARD. You MUST make sure you save. Enter Agrabah, and try not to stray from the path. Warch out for Danger Bugs and Metal Bugs. Avoid them if possible. Raise the Matrix Power to 80%, and get out of the Cave. The sector is located on top of the Guardian's Head.


Boss:Bug Riku

Bug Battle: Bug Riku
Riku Replica

This battle is pretty much the same as the Data Riku battle in Hollow Bastion. He has all the same abilities, so use the different strategies accordingly. Bug Riku has only one extra move. When he yells "It's over!" he will fire three balls of darkness at you wjich you can easily block.
Stats: Unknown


You will have to do a Mario style side-scroller. Just follow the path, and ride on moving stone blocks until you escape.

Boss:Maleficent (Dragon)

Dragon Battle: Maleficent (Dragon)
Maleficent- Dragon Form KHBBS

There is a very easy strategy for defeating Maleficent. When the battle starts dodge her attacks, then strike at her legs. Eventually she'll kneel down. Jump on her shoulders, then land a combo on her head and she will fall down. That just gives even more chance to pulverise her! The only problem is that she tends to fire a lot of green balls. Dodge Roll left and right to avoid them.
Stats: Unknown

Boss:Sora's Heartless

Heartless Battle: Sora's Heartless
Sora-Heartless (Phase 1)

Sora's Heartless has 5 phases. First of all is the Darkside like form. When he punches at the ground, jump to avoid the shockwave. If he usd his left hand (your right) you'll get a chance to land two or three combo's on him. After dodge roll out of the way, or you'll get smashed by giant icicles. If he used his right hand (your left), just jeep attacking, the fireballs shouldn't be a problem. If SH fires a laser into the air, some holes wll appear in the ground. If you are standing on one, move immediatly. You'll soon see why. If SH slinks into the ground, madly dodge roll around. When his hand appears, go back and land about 3 hits on it. When he disappears for a while, run to the corner, and when he appears, hit him.

Now you are fighting a form of Sora's Heartless that looks like well...Sora! SH will attack with lots of Keyblade copies. Block them to easily avoid damage. Eventually, Sora's Heartless will rise into the air and summon lots of keyblades. Run around and Dodge Roll screaming "Help!" to avoid them. The final keyblade he summons will be golden and when it hits the ground it will leave a circle. Run up to it to transform the attack command to "Drag 'n' Drop". This ability will transform Sora's Heartless into a Shadow Heartless, making it much easier to defeat.

In Phase 3 and 4, at the start of the battle Sora's Heartless will make to clones of itself. While they exist, the original is impervious to harm. Lock on to the clones then defeat them. Afterwards, follow the Phase 2 strategy. Note that in Phase 4 when the golden keyblade falls, it will create a shockwave that will damage you if you dont avoid it.

Stats: Unknown

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