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You will begin in a place called Station of Awakening. It basically acts as a tutorial for the game. Walk up to the shiny object. You will be presented with 3 weapons. Depending on what weapon you choose, and what weapon you give up, your stats will be somewhat different. Make your choices, then follow the guy in the black coat up the stairs. On this next platform you will learn to fight. Defeat the swarms of heartless, then examine the door.

Destiny Islands

You will end up at the Destiny Islands. Walk up to Selphie, and after hearing what she has to say, make your way down the beach to Wakka. It seems he's discovered a new type of block. Advance through the Metal Blox road, and hit the block 3 times. Yay! You got a prize. Go and install it in the Stat Matrix. Then jump down to Wakka and tell him of your findings. Then, head up the ramp and use the Metal Block to jump onto the roof of the shack. You will see that guy in the black coat again. Walk up and examine the door he disappeared into, then enter the portal. Now you will learn about System Sector. Jump down into the middle, and defeat the 2 slightly distorted heartless, then use the link to the next floor. There are a lot of heartless on this next floor, so unleash your rage and destroy anyone who dares get in your way >_<. Afterwards, use the terminal to exit the sector. Grab some prizes on your way out, then walk across the repaired bridge to Tidus.


Somebody Battle: Tidus

Being his usual hot-headed self, Tidus will challenge you to a battle. This battle is extremely easy, so you should have no problems with it. You can further challenge Tidus later in the game. Keep your distance from Tidus, and look for an opening. After he swings his big pole at you with a forward flip, run up and pull a combo on him, then back off again. After defeating him, you'll receive a potion.
Stats: 60 HP, 5 ATK, 5 DEF, 2 EXP

Entering the Keyhole

Grab the prize block to your right, then head over to that little alcove by the waterfall, where you'll have your first real fight.


Heartless Battle: Darkside
Darkside KH

Darkside is a relatively easy boss. Jump when he punches the ground to avoid damage, then unleash hell on his hand. While the heartless spawning from the dark pool can be a nuisance, you want to do as much damage possible to Darkside at once, so deal with them afterwards. Repeating this step should allow you to beat Darkside fairly easily. If Darkside summons several Bug Blox from the ground, start running aimlessly around to avoid the giant balls of darkness that start to rain from the sky. Darkside will encode himself with data after you defeat him, so you'll have to fight him again. This time when he punches the ground, he'll send several bug Blox after you, so you'll definitely need to jump. Destroy the 3 bug blox on his arm, then attack his head to do damage. As before, this step you'll need to repeat to defeat Darkside. If he happens to send a line of Danger Blox after you, simply run to the side to avoid them. This time, Darkside has transformed in to a swirling vortex of Bug Blox. Run away to avoid the spinning blox that will damage you if you touch them. When the blox stop spinning, be careful because they split apart into two walls. This is your chance to attack the block in the middle. Once again, thsi is the step that will need to be repeated in order to defeat him. If the blox start try ing to jump on you, constant Dodge Rolling will help you avoid them.
Stats: 240 HP, 2 ATK, 2 DEF, 60 EXP

After beating Darkside, you'll be swept away to Traverse Town.

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