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Now that face is a little more familiar! For those of you who are so blunt you don't know him, this is Sora. The main character, chosen wielder of the Keyblade? No? *sigh* Head into Whe Woods, and you will end up at the Usual Spot (?) After some introductions, you'll discover that The King has been looking for you. *sigh* You don't know him either. Well surely you know Mickey Mouse? Well, it's the same guy. Head up ot the station to be surrounded by enemies. You'll have Donald and Goofy in this battle, but you won't have the ability to use Reaction Commands, so you can kiss Reversal goodbye. Keep fighting them, until eventually The King will come and save you. He will then give you a pouch of 5000 munny (which by the way, you can't spend), and tell you to board a train. So head inside the station, and speak to Donald to board the train.

Mysterious Tower

After a while, you'll arrive at a Mysterious Tower. That is in fact hwat this place is called. When you're ready, head over to that big fat guy trying to get in. You'll be granted to a small battle with our old friends the Heartless, then head inside. Once you're inside, head up the long winding stairs. In each room there'll be a horde of Heartless for you to fight before you can proceed. But don't worry about them. When you reach the top you'll be introduced to Master Yen Side, retired Keyblade Master, all-powerful sorceress, and teacher of The King. When he's finished talking, read that book, and then talk to him again. When you've discovered what types of enemies you'll be facing throughout the game, head through that green door to get an awesome new outfit, complete with special abilities. Head back through the door, and after some cutscenes, an all-powerful witch will return, and you'll be taken to the next world.

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