The First Day

Ok, so you've just watched a beautiful, heart-touching movie. If you've ever played Kingdom Hearts before, you're wondering who the hell this kid is, and where's Sora? However, if you've played Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days before, then you'll all about him. For those of you who don't know him, his name is Roxas. You'll be playing as him for this chapter.

Playable Character: Roxas
Weapon Keyblade
Limit -
Meet Roxas, you're average tutorial guy. He has no limit or abilities, so youhave to earn them yourself. He has a basic three-hit combo, so he's not the best fighting-wise. Great character and story though.

So after you've watched all these cuscenes, you'll have to learn with basic. Let's start with walking. Move the Left Analog Stick to move over to the rest of the gang. After a short conversation, you'll learn about Reaction Commands. Walk up to the lady, and press B t to talk to her. After another short conversation, you'll lern about Locking-On. Press B r1 to lock-on to the old woman's catblind old batto progress. So after a short cutscene - Hey! What's that bonehead do - Ohhh, right. Choose a weapon to begin a small battle with Seifer.


Somebody Boss Battle: Seifer
Seifer KHII
Statistics HP: 100

ATK: 5

DEF: 2

Attacks Long Swing: Straight downward swing
  • Cut Off: Spinning side-swing
  • Roman Stab: Leaps into the air and dives down club-first
I don't think it's even possible to lose this. My advice? Annihilate him. Just keep pressing the B x button. You're pretty weak at this stage, so there's not much else you can do.

The ----- Thief

Ok, so after you beat him, a strange white thing will come and steal all your ------. Chase it through the woods to the Old Mansion. Then run up to it, and use the Reaction Command "Capture" to begin a short battle. You can't actually harm, so just attack randomly until you obtain the Keyblade, a weapon that actually works. Use Reversal to scoot behind it, then attack. Repeating this should easily defeat it. Once defeated, you'll get all your photos back - Hey! I said it! Photos! Guess you've done it! You'll be treated to a couple more cutscenes before the day ends.

The Second Day

Ok, so Hayner wants to go to the beach. The only problem is you're broke. So today we get to work our butts off. But before we do that we should probably save. Walk up to that strange circle of light, and press B t to open the Save Menu. Now, follow Hayner, Pence, and Olette to Market Street, where you'll find out you have to earn 800 munny! Since, you already have 150 munny, you need to work until you have a total of 950 munny. Walk up to the board and press B t to apply for work, then get going!

Mail Delivery

You'll be riding a skateboard around Market Street delivering mail. Head down the hill, pressing B t as you pass the man and the bird (yes, you're delivering mail to a bird). Now, deliver the mail to the man by the board, and press B t to grind along the rail. You'll be shot into the air, and you have to press B t at just the right moment to deliver mail to the flying bird. Then turn around, and deliver the mail to the last lady to finish.

Cargo Climb

You have to move a giant bag up a hill. Land a couple of combos on it to move it pu the hill. If the bag gets hit into the air, hit it while it's in the air to send it flying!


You have to try and keep a ball up in the air by hitting it. Lock- On to it, and hit just before it comes level with your head to land a combo on it and send it back up into the air.

When you're rich...

Head up the hill to the Station where Hayner will be waiting. Press B t to progress. After a short cutscene, you'll find you've been pickpocketed by your imaginary friend. The day will then end.

The Third Day

When you wake up, save, then head over to thee station - Wait! Detour! You're going to the Old Manision! - Wait! Now your not! Yo're going to the SandlotMake up your mind. Attmept to fight off the enemies, and you'll then be teleported to a strange place. Choose a weapon to transform it into a your keyblade, then fight off the enemies. A chest will appear, and you'll have to press B t to open it. Now press B start to equip your new ability before saving, and heading through the door. Now follow the path, opening chests and fighting off enemies, as you progress to the top. When you're ready, head through the door for your first real boss battle.

Boss:Twilight Thorn

Nobody Boss Battle: Twilight Thorn
Twilight Thorn
Statistics HP: 300

ATK: 5

DEF: 2

Attacks Basic attacking
  • Tendrils of Darkness: Sends out many tendrils of darkness that deal damage
  • Thorns: Fires thorns at the player
  • Trap: Traps the player in four orbs of light
At the start of the battle, you'll be captured. Just use the Reaction Commands to counter its attacks, and knock it out. Pick up your keyblade, and start attacking it. When it gets up, use Reversal to dodge it's attacks and float up to it's head. When you're up there, land a quick combo before using Reversal again. Repeating this strategy should enable you to win. At some stage during the battle, you may be captured again. Once again, use the Reaction Commands to counter. Oh and if you need to heal use B l1 + B c to use a potion.

The Fourth Day

This is the day of the Struggle Tournament, so head over to the guy by the blackboard to hear the rules. Then talk to the guy on the stage to begin.


Somebody Boss Battle: Hayner
Statistics HP: 210, ATK: 6, DEF: 2
Attacks Swing Down: A downward club swing
  • Swing: A jumping club swing
  • Stab: A stabbing attack
  • Spin Attack: A wide-arc club swing
Begin the fight by landing a couple of combos on Hayner, then collect the orbs and back off. Attack, Collect, Retreat, Repeat...

Boss:Fake Vivi

Disguised Nobody Boss Battle: Vivi
Statistics HP: 105, ATK: 6, DEF: 2
Attacks Downward Swing: A downward club swing
  • Float: Vivi magically floats in the air
  • Haste: Performs three lightning-fast rising magic attacks
  • Flare: Enlarges his club and does many spinning attack before ending with a magic blast
Begin the fight by landing a couple of combos on Vivi, then collect the orbs and back off. Attack, Collect, Retreat, Repeat...


Nobody Boss Battle: Axel
Axel 2 KHD
Statistics HP: 105, ATK: 5, DEF: 2
Attacks Two-Hit Combo: Moves forward slightly and attacks twice
  • Reversal Strike: Dashes behind Roxas and throws a flaming chakram at him
  • Chakram Throw: Throws a single chakram at Roxas
Axel is a rather easy battle. Jump to avoid his attacks, then land a quick Air Combo on him, and continue attacking. At one stage he may become engulfed in flames, in which time he is invincible. Just back off and atrempt to avoid his attacks.


Somebody Boss Battle: Setzer
Statistics HP: 105, ATK: 6, DEF: 2
Attacks *Thrust: A short range thrust attack
  • Spin: Jumps throught the air and spins his bat
  • Kneel: Setzer kneels down and upon being attacked, blocks and performs a powerful counterattack
Begin the fight by landing a couple of combos on Setzer, then collect the orbs and back off. Attack, Collect, Retreat, Repeat...

The Icing On The Cake

Yay! You won! And now you have this cool bet! You can equip by going into the items menu by pressing B start. After you win, you'll be treated to some cutscenes before the day ends.

The Fifth Day

Righty ho! So today, you'll be doing... Yup! You guessed it! Homework! Head over to the station to board a train to Sunset Station.

The Spooky Steps

When you get there- Ugh! Stupid Rai! oh well. Head down the stone steps to investigate our second wonder.

The Friend From Beyond The Wall

Head up the steps, then turn right, and head up some more steps and you'll come up to a alleyway. Walk up to the end and press B t to make a petty thief come out and stab you ball fly out. Several more balls will fly out, and you'll have to dodge the balls, run up to the wall, and press B t to hit the wall and stop the balls.

The Moans From The Tunnel

Come out of the alleyway, then turn right, and right again, and you'll come to a tunnel. Walk up to it, then press B t to enter. Once you're inside, you'll see Vivi. Or is it? Could it be a Fake Vivi like the one from the Struggle? Oho! Apparently so! Fight off the Vivi clones to continue.

The Doppelganger

Head out of the tunnel, then turn right over the bridge, then left. You'll see a small waterfall coming out of the side of a building. Walk up to it and press B t to continue.

Boss:Shadow Roxas

Somebody Boss Battle: Shadow Roxas
Shadow Roxas
Statistics HP: 105, ATK: 6, DEF: 2
Attacks Combo Boost: Increases the power of it's ground combos
AGH! Your reflection is attacking you! Go ape on it!

The Animated Bag

Follow the yellow brick red stair road to Sunset Hill. Follow the path up to the top, then investigate the bag. Chase it, then press B t to jump on it. Whne it nears a rubbish bin B t to jump over it. Wear it down to end the mystery.

The Ghost Train Mystery

Make your way to Sunset Hill (where you did The Animated Bag) and let the cutscenes do the work for you.

The Lonely Girl

Once again, make your way to the Old Mansion for an extremely long cutscene that ends the day.

The Sixth Day

This will be your final day playing as Roxas. Save, then head outside. You'll be thrown into a battle with strange enemies. Fight them off, then head to the Old Mansion. When you get inside, head up the left staircase, and enter the door on the left. Afterwards, head back out, and enter the door on the opposite side of the mansion. Then head down the newly created stairs, and walk through the door. Save, then head through the other door. Fight off the enemies, and prepare for your final boss battle against Axel.


Nobody Boss Battle: Axel
Axel 2 KHD
Statistics HP: 345, ATK: 6, DEF: 2
Attacks Burn: Covers the floor in magma
  • Double Chakram Throw: Throws both flaming chakrams at Roxas
  • Multi-Hit Combo: A multiple hit combo ending with a burst of fire
  • Rush: Leaps behind the flames and rushes at Roxas with no warning
Yay! You get two keyblades for this battle! Start by landing a ground combo on Axel following it up with an Air Combo. Then use the Reaction Commands "Overtaker" and "Clear Light" to stun him, leaving him open. Land a couple of combos, then back off. If Axel starts attacking, jump around to evade his attacks and wait for an opening. However, if he jumps into the flames, stay still. When he comes flying out at you, be ready to press B t to use the Reaction Command "Burst Edge". Axel may use this attack several times during the battle. If Axel makes the ground appear all molten, then once again use the Reaction Commands "Overtaker" and "Clear Light" to stun him. If the screen darkens, and Axel becomes engulfed in flames, evade his attacks because during this time he is invincible.

The End/The Beginning

Once you defeat Axel, walk through the door to trigger a small cutscene. Then walk through the other door to end Roxas's Story. But never fear, you have not seen the end of him yet...

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