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Head down the steps to the Marketplace. If you wish, you can have a shop around and spend some cash. When you're done, head over to the other side and talk to that duck by the freezer. Later, after clearing the world, if you talk to him again you'll be able to play a skateboard mini-game. Afterwards, head down the steps to the Borough. You'll shortly be greeted by the Great Ninja Yuffie. Anyway, a bunch of Nobodies will appear and attack you, so fight them off. You'll get a little help from the towns defence system, Claymore, which will explode underneath enemies, sending the flying. When you're down, head around the corner, and enter the house with the brown door. After you've endured the cutscenes, and gained your fancy new card and Blizzard spell, climb the stairs to the right of the Borough, and enter the opening to reach the Bailey. Organization XIII will appear, and send a whole lot of Nobodies to attack you. Nice guys, right? Donald and Goofy will be preoccupied during this battle, but Leon will be there to help you out. Defend the gates from the Nobodies, by attack them and knocking them away from the gates. Once they're defeated, you'll obtain the Fire spell. Yay! Now you can freeze and burn enemies. Anyway, after a cutscene, the gate to the next world will open, and you'll have to leave.

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