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Stardust Sweep

This Gummi route is a lot like Asteroid Seep. Same strategy, completely annihilate everything in your path. Towards the middle and end you'll face two strong enemies. When destroyed they drop a heap of loot so i'll just assume you destroyed them.

Beast's Castle

When you arrive you'll be gievn a very accurate description of the area, only to be interrupted by a large roar and a tiny Heartless. You'll chase after it, only to be surrounded by more. Fight them off until Beast comes along and tears them apart. Unfortunately, he also knocks you aside, apparantly not recognising us. Save, then head out the door. Head up the stairs where Donald saw the girl and into the room. After a cutscene, you'll be introduced to Belle. Head back to the Entrance Hall and up the other flight of stairs. Then head up oth the Wardrobe in front of the door. Sora attempts to move it, but the wardrobe stands on his foot and gives him a black eye. However, we are much better than that, so move the wardrobe while it's sleeping. It then wakes up and tells a story.

Once upon a time, there was an evil wardrobe that stood on people's fett and gave them black eyes. However one day, a dashing hero named Darkheart3 came along and chopped her up for firewood. The End.

Head through the door for a boss battle.

Boss:Thresholder and Possessor

Dual Heartless Boss Battle: Thresholder and Possessor


Statistics Thresholder: HP:137, Strength: 15, Defence: 8

Possessor: HP: 98, Strength: 15, Defence: 8

Attacks Smack: Swats at the party with it's arms
  • Energy Blast: Shoots multiple dark orbs
Your first priority should be to defeat the regular enemies. Defeating the Gargoyle's will spawn Hook Bats, and defeating Hook Bats will leave just you and the Thresholder. Keep attacking the beast until it's health runs out. Occasionally, it will blow you away with a gust of wind. When you've reduced it's health to 0, use Release to bring out Possessor. The Possessor just flys around ambly, so you can go all out on it. If you don't kill it quickly, it will return to the Thresholder so you'll have to do it all gain.

The Furniture Family

Head through the dungeon door to meet the magical furniture group. Head out the door, then jump up onto the ledge and soeak to the clock. Now for a minigame. Run up to each of the lanterns and use Sprinkle to put them out. However this cannot be done without Lumiere and Mrs. Potts, so yu'll have to clear the way and wait up for them. Furthermore, Cogsworth is a little weakling, so if he falls off you'll have to use Recover to help him back up. Once you're done, meet Cogsworth in the Beast's room.


Somebody Boss Battle: Beast
Beast KH
Statistics HP: 136, Strength: 15, Defence: 8
Attacks Roar: Knocks Cogsworth unconscious
For a terrfiying beast this battle is rather easy. Use Wake Up to stun Beast, leaving him open for a combo. Occasionally, Beast will roar "Leave, NOW!", knocking Cogsworth unconcious, but who cares about him. When he's out of health, use Charge to end the battle.

Beast Join the Party

After we kick some hairy butt, Beast comes back to his sense. Now he can be used as a party member!

Party Member: Beast
Beast KH
Weapon Beast's Claw
Limit Twin Howl
Beast is an immensly strong addition to your party. He mainly attacks with scratches and lunges but he also has some handy stat boosting abilities as well. His limit Twin Howl is extremely effective against large groups of enemies, so make sure to use it to your advantage.

Head out the door and beack to Belle's room. Approach the wardrobe, then head to the Entrance Hall. Belle's screaming will lead you to the Ballroom and a boss battle. Or two.

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