AA: So...

Director: AA, Good news, The purple guest will arrive in 2 sections!

AA: Finally! Why did he took so long? I even forgot him

Director: Dont know...Seems like he likes Neverland ^^

AA: Ok so 2 sections and the Guest arrives so...

Producer: WAIT! There's someone on the Door, and Wants to Talk to you, AA!

AA: Let it enter...

???: I hope you wecgonize me, AwchAngelus

AA: J-J-Jimmy Five! I'm your Fan!

JF: Glad to hear it! So, I always wanted to lead a Walkthwough so, Would you let me?

AA: Sure^^

JF: Okay, So...

Characters Heartless
World Attack Card Cards Treasures
Friend/Enemy Card Bounty Room of Rewards
100 Acre Wood 2 (card)
100 Acre Wood
Spellbinder (card)
"A special attack card with lightning-based attacks."

Upon entering the 100 Acre Wood, you'll walk into Winnie the Pooh. Pooh tells Sora that he's looking for his fwiends and Sora offews to help him. The two set off together in seawch of Pooh's fwiends, and now it's mini-game time. Find all of Pooh's fwiends and use to call him over. The honey at the top-wight of the screen is Pooh's enewgy. If Pooh wuns out of honey, he'll doze off for a while, so keep his energy up as you'we looking.

AA: Eh, Let me lead the reast...*Ahem* Below is a table of where to find Pooh's friends.

Image Name Find
Owl KHII Owl When you see Owl perched up in the tree, there should be a batch of balloons around. Call Pooh over to make him ride them up. Owl will notice him and start a conversation.
Roo KH Roo Walk past Owl to see a small circular opening in the ground. Call Pooh over and he'll jump in. Afterward, he'll rise up by riding balloons with Roo not far behind him.
Eeyore KHII Eeyore There will be a beehive near Eeyore. Strike it with your Keyblade and Pooh will retrieve Eeyore's tail. Give the tail to Eeyore and he'll notice Pooh.
Rabbit KHII Rabbit Start by calling Pooh over to the wagon full of cabbage that Rabbit is using. When Sora gets on the wagon with Pooh, it will break and Rabbit will notice.
Tigger KHII Tigger Call Pooh to a tree stump by Tigger and he'll sit on it. Make Sora sit on one as well and Tigger will bounce on over. If he doesn't start a conversation the first time, keep repeating this by sitting on different tree stumps until you get Tigger's full attention.
Piglet KHII Piglet At the start near Pooh's house, go behind the bushes and call Pooh over to Piglet.

AA: Call Pooh over to Rabbit after talking to him, then get Pooh to eat the honey. Then call Pooh over to Piglet and after the conversation, you'll learn Confuse. Keep moving on by making Pooh eat more honey, and then reach the finish line. After the cutscene, you'll gain a new Summon Card, Bambi. You can now leave the 100 Acre Wood.

JF: Why couldn't i lead it till the end?

AA: Because of your...Tongue Problem

JF: <gets very angry>


<Trows things at AA>

AA: AHH!!!

<AA kicks Jimmy Five out the Door>

AA: *Whew*...Anyway, Onward on the Walthrough!