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Würm is a Shield that can be wielded by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Würm+.


Würm is identical to Mindel in its shape, though it is colored differently. It is a circular shield with three spikes on its top and sides. The side spikes and the edges of the shield are dull purple on the top and magenta on the bottom, while the top spike is navy blue. The center of the shield is pale gold and has a navy blue ring around it. There are also three navy spikes pointing inward on the face of the shield. A long, curved piece is present under the bottom of the shield, connected to the main shield by three large spikes that are dull purple with magenta tips. The curved piece itself is magenta and has dull purple tips.

Würm is one of three of Vexen's weapons whose name is derived from a glacial period, the other two being Mindel and Gunz.


Würm's ground combo is notably faster than most of Vexen's other shield's combos, consisting of five moves. It begins with a sharp forward thrust, followed by a sharp jab to the left. It is followed up by a move identical to the former move, a forward thrust, which is followed by another jab to the left. It is finished when Vexen hurls the shield outward, going a good distance before it flies back into his hands.

His aerial combo begins with a sharp undercut, followed by a jab to the left, and finished with a 360 degree move in which the shield spins around Vexen, then comes to rest in front of him.

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