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This article is about the Lance. You may be looking for the ability.

Vortex is a set of Lances that can be wielded by Xaldin in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Vortex+.


A Vortex Lance's shaft is silver in the center and black on the ends. The two colors are divided by small, gold rings. The lower blade of the lance is blue and has a simple arrowhead shape. The upper blade is larger and wider than the lower one, and is also two-pronged. this blade is blue as well. This model of Lance is identical to a Moonglade Lance, except for its color.

A "Vortex" is a spinning flow of mass, referring to the way Xaldin wields his Lances.


Vortex’s ground combo starts with a thrust of all six Lances forwards, followed by a star-shaped shockwave being emitted from the tips of the Lances and ends with a scissor-like attack, where all six Lances thrust forward, cross each other and emit "X"-shaped shockwaves.

The aerial combo consists of a curved, downward diagonal slash using one Lance, followed by a thrust of all six Lances forwards at once in a pointed, star-like shape. This weapon has no Y-Combo.

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