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Gameplay of Vine Jumping.

Vine Jump is a minigame in Deep Jungle in both Kingdom Hearts and its Final Mix version. The non-minigame version is first played while Tarzan leads Sora and his friends to the gorillas, in the hope Riku and Kairi might be there. After speaking to Kerchak the player character can interact with a flower at the start of the Vines area, near the save point, to start one of four available courses. Each course is progressively harder than the previous one, although the only threat is falling down into the Hippos' Lagoon area and being forced to climb back up and start over. The goal is to reach the end of the Vines 2 area, with the climbable ivy to the Tree Tops. There is no reward either, and the only reason to play the minigame is to achieve a low finish time and to round out Jiminy Cricket's journal for 100% completion purposes in Final Mix.

The actual gameplay of the minigame is to 'Jump On' to a vine, then selecting 'Jump Next' when in reach of another, doing so as quickly as possible to avoid falling off. 'Jump Off' is used to jump back down to safe areas to walk on, heading for the next set of vines. The trick is that the window where you can select to jump to the next vine or jump off is quite limited.

The "Jump Course" is the most basic challenge, and more or less identical to the standard playthrough when first moving through the area. The "Trap Course", "Acrobat Course", and "Expert Course" gradually replace the number of vines with slippery snakes, which will quickly force Sora to let go, almost guaranteed to cause him to fail the minigame. The word 'Danger' flashes on-screen whenever you latch onto a snake as well.

Later on you can return to the minigame with the Glide (and even Superglide) abilities to dramatically increase your time trial times. Using either it is possible to skip using the vines entirely, trivializing the difficulty.