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The Vindictive Thistle is a Scythe that can be wielded by Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Vindictive Thistle+.


The Vindictive Thistle’s curved handle is light grey with a small, blue section at its base and a flat, gold pommel. The shaft of the blade has a “T” shape and each of its ends is a spike resembling those on the Nobody sigil. The main blade is comprised of a thin arc on the underside of the shaft. The arc is lined by four spikes that decrease in size as the lower they are on the weapon.

These four spikes are also similar in shape to those on the Nobody symbol. The shaft of the blade is sky blue with gold edges, and the main blade and the spikes on it are also sky blue. The Vindictive Thistle bears an odd resemblance to Xigbar’s Sharpshooter Arrowguns. The Vindictive Thistle is very similar to the Mournful Cineraria, which only sports a different color scheme.

A "thistle" is a type of plant characterized by the sharp prickles on it. "Vindictive" means "vengeful" or "spiteful".


Vindictive Thistle's ground combo starts with two slashes going left, then right. The combo is continued by an upward slash to the left, which brings Marluxia just above the ground, and then proceeds with tossing the Scythe into the air twice before finishing with 360-degree slash. The aerial combo also resembles the ground combo consisting of four slashes going left, right, left, right, and continues by tossing the weapon into the air once, before finishing with a 360-degree slash.


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