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Vile Phial
Vile Phial
Vile Phial
Vile Phial
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Vile Phial

The Vile Phial is an Unversed that is found in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix.


A Vile Phial is a small creature that resembles an hour glass-shaped vial. Its base is round and has two short "arms" on either side of it. The neck of the bottle is comparatively thin and it is capped off by a lid with a large, violet gemstone for a handle. The Vile Phial is predominantly violet with silver highlights. Its eyes are red and set in a happy expression.

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Vile Phial receives a palette swap which gives them a dark-green body. Its gemstone is now orange.


A Vile Phial is similar in fighting style to a Green Requiem and Crescendo Heartless, as it will occasionally heal itself and other Unversed in battle. Unlike the Green Requiem, it can also attack by ramming the player, causing poison status on impact. The best way to beat one is to guard its tackles and attack while its stunned. Note: attacks that cause confusion will cause a Vile Phial to heal the player.


  • Cure: Heals itself and other Unversed.
  • Poison Dash: Darts at players, causing poison status on impact.
  • Poison Spray: Sprays poison out of its mouth at players, causing poison status once hit.

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