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Veggie Panic (野菜パニック Yasai Panikku?) is the second playable mini-game found in the 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. As a reward for completion of this mini-game, the player is rewarded the Cross-slash+.


While traveling with Winnie the Pooh in pursuit of his friends, Sora and Pooh enter into Rabbit's Garden. While nothing stands out at first, when Sora and Pooh make their way to leave the area, a large pumpkin comes bounding at the two of them. Sora manages to dodge the fruit, but Pooh takes the full force of it and rolls back several feet. It is at this point in the game where Rabbit is first introduced. Rabbit then proceeds to ask Sora and Pooh for assistance in his garden. After successfully sorting out the various Pumpkins and Cabbages, Rabbit thanks the two of them for their efforts, and gives Sora the Cross-slash+ sleight.


The objective of the Veggie Panic mini-game is to have Sora help Rabbit in his garden by sorting various cabbages and pumpkins. When a cabbage rolls up to Sora, the player should press the square button so to sort the cabbage to the left, and when a pumpkin rolls up, the player should press the circle button, so to sort the pumpkin to the right. After a series of sorting these, Pooh will decide to frolic in the middle of the path. This will allow the player the option of pressing the triangle button. Doing this will allow Sora to throw his Keyblade at the various rolling fruits and vegetables, knocking them into the respective sides. After a few rounds of the aforementioned, a series of carrots and a large pumpkin will approach Sora. The player should have Sora either sort the carrots using either the square of circle button, or avoid the carrots, as they can knock him down. The player should also press the triangle button several times, so to take care of the large fruit approaching Sora. The player will be successful after sorting out a minimum of 30 cabbages and pumpkins, and can only mess up a total of six times, lest the player lose, and be forced to start over.