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The Vanitas Remnant is an enemy that can be found exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix.

Journal entries

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

A physical manifestation of what remained of Vanitas's powerful thoughts and feelings.


Terra, Ventus, and Aqua separately return to the Badlands to find a mysterious sphere of dark energy hovering in the air. They each accept the challenge it presents, and the Vanitas Remnant then takes shape behind them from another sphere of dark energy, much like the true Vanitas did during his creation, before drawing its Void Gear and attacking. After the Remnant's defeat, it transforms back into the dark energy sphere from which it originally spawned and vanishes.

Physical appearance

The Vanitas Remnant, true to its name, is a palette swap of the helmeted Vanitas. Its smooth helmet is completely black with an Unversed insignia emblazoned on it. Its torso and legs are covered by a black bodysuit with nearly glowing white highlights on the chest. The material over its arms shifts in color from black to grey to white, before shifting to black again on the palms of its hands. Its boots are white with black soles. It also wears a white, skirt-like garment with black tips around its waist, held up by several grey straps.

The crest that must be approached by the player to begin the battle has a very similar appearance to an Absent Silhouette portal, varying shades of purple in coloration with shards of black, rock-like material floating around it. The symbol appearing on the crest displays two halves of a gear which join to form an "S", the Keychain of the Void Gear Keyblade, both Vanitas and his Remnant's primary weapon.


The Vanitas Remnant's name is a clear reference to its similarity to Vanitas, and its monochrome palette swap with the original. The last part of his name refers to him being all that's left of him.

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