Sora- Vampire Form KHII

Whenever Sora is visiting Halloween Town, he turns into his Vampire Form, although this does not cause him to display vampiric abilities. If not for his fearsome appearance, the macabre inhabitants of the town would not perceive him as a villager. Sora has no special abilities in this form. In this form, the appearance of Sora's Keyblade also acquires subdued tones to match the surroundings of Halloween Town.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Sora also wears this costume in Christmas Town, but in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, a separate Santa Form costume was added to differentiate the area from Halloween Town.

Journal Entry

Kingdom Hearts II

The hero of the Keyblade who fights against the Heartless and the Nobodies.

Not long ago, he helped unravel Oogie's scheme to take over Halloween Town.


In Sora's Vampire Form, his clothing becomes almost completely black, appearing to be made of faded leather. He wears white gloves and has clawed fingers, the shoulders of his jacket are grey, and he has very small, black, bat wings on his upper back. His normal shoes are replaced with large, black ones with pointed toes and a grey stripe on their midsections. His legs are wrapped in what appear to be black and red bandages. Sora's canines become more pointed and his face, particularly the area around his eyes, becomes more ashen and shadowed in appearance.

His hair is a darker shade of brown and he wears an orange mask on the right side of his face, covering his right eye. The mask is circular with small horns on the top, a jagged, jack o' lantern-esque mouth, and triangular eyes. The mask's right eye is green and the left one appears to be closed or scratched out. Sora's Keyblade becomes darker and more ashen in coloration like his clothing while he is in this form.

When entering a Drive Form, Sora's mask changes shape. When he enters Valor Form, the mask takes the form of a demonic, red, Bomb-like creature with a large, fleur-de-lis symbol near its top. Wisdom Form changes the mask to a shape resembling a Black Mage. When Sora enters Limit Form, the mask changes to an elegant, curled heart with white edges and a black and red checkerboard pattern on its center. Master Form's mask is a splicing of the Wisdom and Valor Form—Valor Form's mask on the right half and Wisdom Form's on the left—with the two masks unevenly stitched together. The mask for Final Form is a bronze crown. Anti Form's mask resembles a Shadow Heartless.

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