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Vague is a set of Knives that can be wielded by Larxene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Vague+.


A Vague Knife has a small, gold handle and a long, sky blue blade. The blade is very curves and thin, and the outer edge is lined by several spikes. Fittingly, given its name, these spikes follow the curve of the blade in a wave pattern.


Vague's combo is one of the faster combos of Larxene's. It begins with a lightning fast dual-slash, upward and downward, and immediately follows with an identical move, two moves that could easily be mistaken as one. After the second move, a Y-Combo opportunity arises, in which executing branches into a whole new combo taken into the air: Larxene will spin vertically upward, from which can be branched either her normal aerial combo or a completely new set upon pressing Y again. This initiates a second vertical spin identical to the first one. Pressing Y again will finish the Y-Combo with a mid-air roll, ending with a downward slash with both sets of Knives. If the combo is finished normally, it ends with a low, circular sweep, Knives brandished.

The normal aerial combo is much simpler, consisting of two to three moves and no Y-Combos. It starts out with quick downward and upward slashes that are followed by a mid-air roll, ending with a downward slash with both sets of Knives. Pressing A before the end of the latter move will result in a repeat of the mid-air roll and slash.

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