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!align="center" colspan="3"|http://i906.photobucket.com/albums/ac268/KH-Wiki2/Archive%20Images/AquaArchives.png<br />Archives----
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<big><big>Major Inactivity</big></big>
Also, I will be moving to the new ''Kingdom Hearts'' Wiki location- once we move. It might take me a while to catch up (depending on when I'm on), but I will be there! So, please, be patient and know I will come. Thanks, guys. ^_^
{{Xion4ever|text=Hey there, welcome to my talkpage. Feel free to leave me a message. You may also find me on the IRC channel. '''''Please''''' '''sign your name/use a talkbubble''' here! I'll try to get back to you ASAP! Thanks, and enjoy!}}
== Schedule ==
{{The Dark Master|rage=I understand you had a busy schedule and so things must be rough for you.School can be too annoying and you must not get to have fun as much.Try to not let school affect you much and try to do the things you like more often.}}

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