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{{welcome|[[User:Azul81677|<font color="teal">'''Azul'''</font>]][[User talk:Azul81677|<font color="darkgray">'''8'''</font>]][[User:Azul81677/Sandbox|<font color="teal">'''1677'''</font>]] 23:31, 18 April 2009 (UTC)}}
{{Azul|text=Hello and welcome to the wiki}}
==You rang on my talk page==
{{TNE|text=There's a strategy section we all put up for your second Riku encounter. Go see [[Riku (Enemy)]]. Maybe that'll help.}}
==SoraXKairi ?==
Hey Peeps! Ya know that picture i refer to as OMG! Kairi and Sora? The Picture is included here if ya don't know what i'm talking about:-> [[File:2370117530_30f171672b.jpg|thumb|OMG! Kairi and Sora]]
Does anyone know where that happens in KH II? Please post where it is if you know.--[[User:PrincessAndie8thprincessofheart|PrincessAndie8thprincessofheart]] 00:22, 26 April 2009 (UTC)
{{Amy Cotton-angry|text=Sadly, that never happend. Many fans are hopeing they would kiss in a future game. (Though they were oringaly going to kiss on KHII, but Disney won't allow it. They should know that more teenagers play it than children. Only [[100 Acre Wood]] and [[Atlantica]] seem family frendly, y'know)}}
{{TNE|blahtext=That pic is an obvious shop. Someone started an article when in actual fact, this never even existed in any of Nomura's developments of the game. And so we had it removed. Along with the pic.}}
[[File:Kairi-Normal-Live.gif|thumb]]Kay Thanks for the info. I really hope it happens to. I mean it would add to the chemistry between the two. And about the children thing, they are not gonna scream ewey because their parents do it all the time so they should be used to seeing it.--[[User:PrincessAndie8thprincessofheart|PrincessAndie8thprincessofheart]] 18:30, 26 April 2009 (UTC)
{{TNE|text=Well, it depends really, if you ask me. It depends on the upbringing of the child. Some parents don't do it in front of their children, and some are conservative, so I guess we've gotta keep that in mind.
Anyway, since there happens to be a pic for every one of your messages, why don't you consider getting yourself a talkbox ? See [[User:Troisnyxetienne/Talk Template Archive|the Talk Template Archive]] for more ideas.}}
{{Andrewrox|text=That actually would be good if something like that happened! I recon it woild add to the storyline. If you think about it, it needs to happen... Eventually! I recon it will. But you can see that its cropped. I think that Disney are a bit too conservative. They didnt even like it when mickey had a keyblade! Kids arent gonna cry, plus, like Amy sed, the game not easy to understand for kids!}}
{{ToyBoy20|text= OK, I know that is an obvious photoshop. Someone on deviantart who loves to make KH photoshops said he made this (and I know he did cause he had another one of Sora and Kairi almost kissing). Still, Disney should know what the age groups for this kind of game are (they sure knew when they released all of their games)}}
{{PrincessAndie|text=I also saw one somewhere of [[Roxas]] and [[Naminé]] almost kissing too . . . }}
{{Amy Cotton-glad|text=I agree ToyBoy20. I have a second cousin who is seven and his uncle (my cousin) got him Kingdom Hearts, in which he said it was too gross for him. I see more teens and young adults play it than families (children under 13 and parents). Disney should know that, and add a scene when they kiss, y'know. I have seen some of the Disney movies where they kiss, why not Sora and Kairi? Everyone in the world is waiting for this to happen, and so am I.
I am also waiting for Roxas and Naminé to kiss as well.}}
{{Firaga44|text=square and disney needs to make kairi and sora kiss in a future game hopefully in kh3}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= Some 10 year olds play it too, I was 10 when I got these games, now I'm 13, and still stuck in some areas. All those areas are on my page.}}
{{Firaga44|text=andie with the dragon use the megalaser and destroy the enemies the enemies smash into the dragon and give it damage hope that helps but sorry that's the only thing i got i haven't got as far on recom and com and i'm stuck in front of the keyhole too}}
{{Amy Cotton|text=I was only 11 when I started playing the series, and now I am 15! Still, only very few under eight play it. If 100 Acer Wood had battles aganst Heartless and Nobodies (and Atlantica on KHII), the number of children under 8 would be less and those over 13 will be doubled, since most teens hate children stuff (Gothic teens would really hate it). I mean hello, add more battles and some teen stuff such as at least one kiss. You know this is more of a teen game than a family game. I was very disepointed with Kingdom Hearts II when they made it too "kitty" (with Atlantica being nothing but stuped singing, 100 Acer Wood as more stuped than ever, having that stuped Santa form (in Final Mix+) and no added story line to Disney Castle), and my gothic cousin said it should have been rated G than PG (in Australia). Still, my favourite worlds ([[Pride Lands]] and [[Space Paranoids]]) and forms ([[Lion Form|Lion cub]] and [[Data Form|Data]]) were on it, and the voice actors (exept James Woods and Tara Strong) were perfect for their roles. I would say that KHII is my least favourite game in the series.}}
==Your new talk bubble==
{{TNE|happytext=Brilliant, I say ! Now, I've saved it as a fixed template, so this time, all you have to do is insert this code :
<nowiki>{{PrincessAndie|text=Insert text here}}</nowiki>
And you get :}}
{{TNE|remerciement=Don't mention it. ^_^}}
==What if this happened in Kingdom Hearts. . .==
{{PrincessAndie|text= Hey guys, what if [[Pluto]] said to [[Sora]] " When I first met you in Traverse Town, YOU TASTED LIKE BACON! "? Post your comments here and add other crazy junk here.}}
{{Firaga44|text=What if Sora stayed a [[heartless]]?I wonder what would happen?}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= Kairi might've gone into a depressed state, the game wouldn't have been so popular if Sora never turned back.}}
{{NinjaSheik|text=Yes, I agree. It would be ashame if Sora stayed a Heartless.}}
{{BebopKate|text=It sounds to me like Sora has discovered the joys of [ BACON SALT]! Or at least, the joys of [ Bacon Lip Balm].}}
{{Kairi4evr|text=Lol!Heres another "what if". What if Kairi never came to the destiny islands?}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= The story would probably go the same somewhat, until Sora gets to where the Princesses of Heart are and would walk up to Kairi and probably say: " Wow . . . You're hot. " LOL }}
{{Firaga44|text=what if hollow bastion was impossbile to get through if that happened i would be so tick}}
{{Amy Cotton|text=What if Deep Jungle never came onto the game (in which they should have never did in the first place)?}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= @Firaga I already think Hollow Bastion is impossible, but that would suck if it was worse.
@ Amy The Jungle Book might be in there instead, I heard somewhere that it was originally gonna be there. }}
{{Joekeybladeaura|text=oh what if riku and sora were girls and kairi was a boy?}}
{{Firaga44|text=that be pretty weird}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= Hmmm. Geez Joe. You stumped me on that one. . . Instead of Sora eventually calling Kairi a hot chick, He'd (sorry in this case she'd, no uh he'd, it'd) call her ( him, it ) a hot guy. I don't know, that one's a stumper. . .
I got another, what if [[Malificent]] went crazy and went on a crazy rampage to destroy everyone who walked up to her and said: " Hello "? I personally think that would be pretty <s>funny</s> HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}}
{{Firaga44|text=what if mickey was actually the main character instead of sora}}
{{Joekeybladeaura|text= Then it would have not darkend plot and it would turn into a baby game with no Ansem and any one else.But that is just a thereoy}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= Ya know, Joe, Maybe it wouldn't. He was originally gonna be the main character, but someone wanted a human protagionast. It might still have the darkend plot because it was intended to be that way. But I guess it wouldn't be the same. I wouldn't be able to say a had a Sora moment ( I started saying that when I started making mistakes almost as stupid as Sora's ) It would sort of be the same. But not really.}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= @BeBopKate OMG! your saying that Sora took that food seasoning and dumped all over him so when Pluto licked him, he would taste like bacon! Gross! LOL!}}
{{Joekeybladeaura|text=what if riku was sephiroth's son *sephiroth theme plays and huricaine blows on ohio strangly*}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= * In a strange trance-like voice * Death. Desparity. Destruction. Demajge. Geez. I don't know . . . WAIT A MINUTE! You live in Ohio? I lied to myself a while ago. BeBopKate isn't the closest member of the wiki to me. YOU ARE!}}
what if i was in the game as a playable charater?--[[User:Joekeybladeaura|Joekeybladeaura]] 15:52, 12 June 2009 (UTC)
{{PrincessAndie|text= . . . that is a dream I'll bet everyone on this wiki shares, if they were in the game as a playable character. That'd be <s>pretty cool</s> . . . I'd <s>hate you so much</s> BE SO JEALOUS!!!!!}}
{{Joekeybladeaura|text=what if axel lexeaus xaldin demyx and roxas combimed there powers to save the envyroment?}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= That would be creepy, they probably destroy it by accident.
" Oh yeah lets save the environment. " BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMM! " oops we caused a huge explosion and made the environment worse than it already is! " " FBI! " " OMG RUN! " LOL that would be funny}}
no they would form captain planet
{{PrincessAndie|text= * shrugs * Just being silly, Potter Puppet Pals does that to me. Ever heard of them?}}
snape snape solidus snape dose that answer your question?--[[User:Joekeybladeaura|Joekeybladeaura]] 17:06, 12 June 2009 (UTC)
{{PrincessAndie|text= I found that one in slow motion. They sound like gorillas riding airplanes. watch this: It is soooooo funny!
P.S. he's saying snape snape SEVERUS snape.}}
{{joekeybladeaura|text= what if the emporer's new groove was in kingdom hearts}}
{{yer mom|text=Then we would have LLAMA SORA!!! And that would definitely make my creepyness gauge explode... or maybe Squirrel Sora? Or Squirrel Riku and Llama Sora? >.>
And @PrincessAndie, thanks I do love my username, it is indeed awesome XD!!
Oh! And at the What if Sora and Riku were girls and Kairi was the guy, thing? That just screams CATFIGHT over male!Kairi XD!! I also somehow envision Sailor Moon-type transformations for Sora's drive forms if he were a girl, but that's just me being weird XD}}
or for the world kuzco uses potions when in human form and maybe have the first party member to change forms
{{PrincessAndie|text= OMG i would hate having The Emperor's New Groove in Kingdom Hearts, in my opinion that is the 2nd worst movie ever! The 1st worst being The Black Cauldron. If you don't like watching cute little animals die, DON"T WATCH THAT MOVIE!!! But the idea of a llama Sora is freaking hilarious. XDDDDDDDDDD}}
{{Joekeybladeaura|text=What if kingdom hearts broke the fourth wall?}}
{{Joekeybladeaura|text=what if sora sung hanah montana songs and liked them}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= * nasally * whew finally got on! I don't know what the fourth wall is, but the Hannah idea is creepy. * sniffle *}}
{{Joekeybladeaura|text=the fourth wall is when ficional charaters talk to an audience..}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= * shudders *}}
what if i was a heartless~anonyumis(sp?)
{{Firaga44|text=what if [[Kairi]] was the character you had to save the world with?}}
{{Joekeybladeaura|text=then it would be the princes of heart}}
{{Firaga44|text=i have to admit that would be extremely wierd}}
{{MechaUltimaZero|text=It is generally accepted that Sephiroth is the manifestation of Cloud's inner darkness, and thus can be considered a Heartless. From this, one can assume that Cloud is actually a special Nobody, capable of feeling emotions. But MY "What If...?" question is this:
"What If Sora Fought Like Rocky Balboa?"}}
{{MechaUltimaZero|text=Oh, and I also live in Ohio, although I am currently in MO.}}
{{NinjaSheik|text=Hello, you wanted to talk, right? Well, I'm here. What do you want talk about?}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= The What if section above.}}
And why's that? [[User:Kaihedgie|Kaihedgie]] 17:14, 11 June 2009 (UTC)
{{PrincessAndie|text= why what?}}
== the conflict is over ==
{{Joekeybladeaura|text= Addie sorry but the conflict is over you should have said that yesterday again the conflict is over.Okay?}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= I wasn't on yesterday or see where the conflict ended so ssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! }}
{{PrincessAndie|text= * angerly * It's Andie. * slowly * A-N-D-I-E. Got it memorized?}}
{{Joekeybladeaura|text= I'm sorry if your mad so as an apology I will quote my favorite organization member *you're lookin' liveley (sp?)*}}
== No I'M sorry. ==
{{PrincessAndie|text= No Joe, it's not your fault. I have anger management issues, you should see me at my school. Actually, I hope you don't.
* to continue quote . . .* "Scram!" "Didn't we catch you messing around in the Underworld? How'd a wimp like you get into Organization XIII." * Demyx flinches * " I bet you can't even fight." " Yeah but we can!" I love Demyx, he was pretty funny, in my opinion.
P.S. seriously though, my name is Andie, not Addie. You're probably the millionth person to spell my name wrong or call me by the wrong name! The first person to get it right on the first try is I think was BeBopKate. . . }}
==''Au revoir'' Andie...==
{{TNE|remerciement=So this is it. Tomorrow I'll be headed off to Batang Rait. And we won't be seeing each other until the 5th of September, perhaps. First of all, have fun at Camp Gems, okay ? ^_^ I'll be thinking of you and all on the wiki, 'tis certain.
I'm very anxious about tomorrow (or in your case, "later today") and in fact, whilst I was talking to DTN and NinjaSheik, I was already bawling. Please do keep me in your thoughts and prayers - the last thing I'd ever want is to be listed on the Wikipedia article on Malaysian National Service as a casualty ! Back me up, and I'll be strong, okay ?
Oh, and do say hi to [[User:Xiggie|Xiggie]], [[User:Unbirth|Unbirth]], [[User:BebopKate|BebopKate]], [[User:Guardian Soul|Guardian Soul]], [[User:Azul81677|Azul]], [[User:Ultima The High Seraph|Ultima]] and all the rest for me.
Thanks for everything, pal.
''Au revoir''...
Annette (TroisNyxEtienne)}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= Yay! I was afraid I missed you! I believe " have fun " is a bad thing to say. So goodbye and good luck!
P.S. To all other users, I'm not leaving 'til July 26!
P.P.S. Will do, is there a friend list of some sort you have that I can use? I won't be able to figure out '''all the rest'''}}
{{TNE|text=See the Good Luck/Goodbye wishes section of my talk page - you'll find them out. ^_^}}
== i miss troisnyxeteene ==
[[File:Yuffie_as_a_child.jpg|thumb|203px|see mini yuffie misses her joe sad]]i miss her im sorry but i need her i miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr--[[User:Joekeybladeaura|Joekeybladeaura]] 14:46, 15 June 2009 (UTC)
{{PrincessAndie|text= * sniffle * so do I Joe. * bursts into tears and hugs Joe for comfort *}}
== get well soon ==
[[File:Awakening_Princess.jpg|thumb|400px|soon]][[File:Tigger.jpg|thumb|very]][[File:MArluxia.gif|thumb|407px|very]][[File:Speculation.png|thumb|well]][[File:Aqua's_Keyblade.jpg|thumb|400px|get]]--[[User:Joekeybladeaura|Joekeybladeaura]] 14:18, 16 June 2009 (UTC)
{{PrincessAndie|text= * a little nasally, but not as much * Thanks Joe! I am making a recovery! It's just a nose cold. I always have nose problems some worse than others.}}
== who is who ==
{{Joekeybladeaura|text=[[File:Awakening_Princess.jpg|thumb|345px|witch one is witch?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????]]uh andie you know the staition with the 3 siloetes(sp?)of kairi jasmime and alice witch one i witch and i will send you a pic}}
== goodbye ==
{{Joekeybladeaura|text=goodbye andie...forever*sheds a tear*i may never have a meaningful life so that is why i will only look at articals so goodbye joekeybladeaura the nusence singing off forever}}
== i think the want me banned ==
{{Joekeybladeaura|text=andie i think ninja and dtn want me banned after what i did to make them mad i deserve a ban and then everyone would go on with there lives and i will only remember the good times and i will be alone please don't let them know we talked i think they just want life the same before i got on:(}}
== are you ignoring me ==
{{Joekeybladeaura|text=are you ignoring me because if you are i would not blame you first i loss trois now ninja and to make matters worse my grandmother almost died of mersa just saying}}
== WHAT!!! ==
{{PrincessAndie|text= WHAT JOE I AM NOT IGNORING YOU! I don't think you deserve a ban unless you vandalize or something evil to this site! I am not ignoring you because my grandparents computer wasn't working and the stupid cable people wouldn't come out at all! I'm very sorry about your grandma, because I lost my grandma on my dad's side when I was little and I feel so bad because I don't even though what she was like! I don't know which is which on that awakening station. I just know they resemble the 3 uncaptured princesses, Alice, Jasmine, and Kairi. Repeat I AM NOT IGNORING YOU!
P.S. I would miss you if you left! :(}}
{{Joekeybladeaura|text=thanks *gives the tightest hug ever* and thanks for trying to define the awakening station at least you don't delete my messages like ninja sheik}}
{{PrincessAndie|text= You're welcome! Does Ninjasheik have archives? Check in there before you accuse anyone of deleting messages . . .}}

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