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You wrote: Completely wrong; it's spelled onii, and it means ogre, not demon. Don't you guys have forums for this kind of thing? in your edit summary for Xion. Just to clarify, it is actually spelled "oni", not "onii", and it can mean both "demon" and "ogre". So for future reference; before accusing anyone of being "completely wrong", please make sure that they actually are wrong ^^ --Hecko X 21:16, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Sorry, it is Oni.
However, it means "demon" in a very specialized context - a horned, hideous ogre-like creature with a loincloth, huge teeth, etc. It could possibly be extended to mean the "aggrieved dead" who become Oni's. But it definitely doesn't mean anything like the section was advocating. In English, it would be the medieval, absolutely hideous version of demon. It could not be stretched to mean the attractive demons in modern fiction. And since Xion doesn't have huge tusks and bushy eyebrows, it's very unlikely her name was Oni.Not even Mr. Lister's Koromon survived intact. 03:32, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

I have moved your comment here for the simple reason of keeping the discussion in the place it originated, as having a conversation over multiple talk-pages is counter-productive to the discussion as a whole, as it makes it hard for other people to follow.

And while I agree that it is unlikely, though not impossible, that her name is Oni (simply on the fact that it seems way too silly to be true), I find your reasoning to be faulty. While it is completely true that the "stereotype" oni, the ones of ancient lore, are the big, horny ogres with tiger loin cloths, giant clubs, and bad hair styles, this has changed to include attractive female versions usually portrayed in manga/anime (I mean, just read the article you linked to yourself). But you are correct in the sense that in ancient folklore, attractive female demons were usually other types of youkai, like yuki-onna, the human forms of kitsune, etc. --Hecko X 07:26, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

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