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{| class="infobox" style="width:150px; float: right; border: 1px #000000 solid; "
!align="center" colspan="3"|http://i710.photobucket.com/albums/ww103/Xiggie2/Archive%20Images/MickeyArchives.png
* [[User talk:Khgurl|My Talk]]
* [[User talk:Khgurl/2009|2009]]
'''My Talk Page. Talk whatever you want.'''
== Help ==
{{Xiggie|time=14:35, 6 July 2009 (UTC)|text=OK now, You asked me for help regarding the "style of editing" and the HTML coding. I shall give you the basics:
For the style of editing, check the [[Kingdom Hearts Wiki:Manual of Style]], it'll give you the info needed to edit this Wiki. I suggest you study it carefully.}}
=== Basics ===
{{Xiggie|time=14:35, 6 July 2009 (UTC)|text=OK, now for the basics of the basics, '''Font''', '''Links''', '''Headings''' and '''Files'''.
* By '''Font''' I mean the bold/italic stuff and color. Here are the four main font effects and instructions on how to colorize the font:
** To make ''Italic'' text, type <nowiki>''</nowiki> before and after the text. <br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki>''Sora''</nowiki> becomes ''Sora''.
** To make '''Bold''' text, type <nowiki>'''</nowiki> before and after the text. <br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki>'''Sora</nowiki> becomes '''Sora'''.
** To make <u>Underlined</u> text, type <nowiki><u></nowiki> before the text, and <nowiki></u></nowiki> after the text. <br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki><u>Sora</u></nowiki> becomes <u>Sora</u>.
** To make <s>striked</s> text, type <nowiki><s></nowiki> before the text, and <nowiki></s></nowiki> after the text. <br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki><s>Sora</s></nowiki> becomes <s>Sora</s>.
** To '''Colorize''' Font, type <nowiki><font color=color name></nowiki> before the text, and <nowiki></font></nowiki>n after the text. The HTML color chart can be found [[Help:Color Chart|here]].<br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki><font color=red>Sora</font></nowiki> becomes <font color=red>Sora</font>.
* '''Links''' are made by making <nowiki>[[</nowiki>before the link name and <nowiki>]]</nowiki> after the link name. <br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki>[[Sora]]</nowiki> becomes [[Sora]]<br>You can also make the link say whatever you want, but still link to the right place. that is done by making a '''vertical slash''' between the link name and the text you want to display.<br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki>[[Sora|Main Character]]</nowiki> becomes [[Sora|Main Character]].
** To link to '''Discussion Pages''', write '''Talk:''' before the article name. Remember that you can always change the text that shows with the '''vertical slash'''. <br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki>[[Talk:Sora]]</nowiki> becomes [[Talk:Sora]]
** To link to '''User Pages''' or '''User Talk pages''', simply write '''User:"username"''' and '''User Talk:"Username"''' in the link. Remember that you can always change the text that shows with the '''vertical slash'''.<br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki>[[User:Xiggie]]</nowiki> becomes [[User:Xiggie]]<br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki>[[User Talk:Xiggie]]</nowiki> becomes [[User Talk:Xiggie]]
** You can link to templates by writing <nowiki>[[Template:User Sora]]</nowiki> instead of <nowiki>[[User Sora]]</nowiki>. Remember that you can always change the text that shows with the '''vertical slash'''.<br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki>[[Template:User Sora]]</nowiki> becomes [[Template:User Sora]].
** You can also link to Files/Images or Categories, but then you must remember to put a ''':''' before the file/category name, otherwise, it'll insert the image or place the article in that category. Remember that you can always change the text that shows with the '''vertical slash'''.<br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki>[[:File:Sora-3.jpg]]</nowiki> becomes [[:File:Sora-3.jpg]].<br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki>[[:Category:Images]]</nowiki> becomes [[:Category:Images]].
** There are also '''Interwiki Links''', that link between Wikis. To make one, write '''w:c:''' at the beginning of the link, then the '''Wiki name''', then a ''':''', and finally the Article/File/Template/Category name. Remember that you can always change the text that shows with the '''vertical slash'''.<br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki>[[w:c:finalfantasy:Cloud]]</nowiki> becomes [[w:c:finalfantasy:Cloud]].
* '''Headings''' are made by making <nowiki>==</nowiki> (before and after the heading name) on the page. A standard heading is ==, a first subheading is ===, a second subheading is ====, e.c.t...
* '''Files''', or Images, are real simple to insert and upload.
** There are two ways to upload a file, you can go [[Special:Upload|here]], or click on the '''Image button''' in the top bar (http://images.wikia.com/common/releases_200907.1/extensions/wikia/WikiaMiniUpload/images/button_wmu.png)
** To Insert an Image, you make a link to the image name (and extension), or you just insert it from the Image Tool (by clicking the '''Image Button''')<br>You can adjust the Image size by doing a '''Vertical Slash''' and then the number of pixels you want.<br>'''e.g.:''' <nowiki>[[File:Khcom-sora.gif|30px]]</nowiki> becomes [[File:Khcom-sora.gif|30px]].
Now you should know the basics of the basics :D}}
=== Coding ===
==== Talk Template ====
{{Xiggie|time=15:03, 6 July 2009 (UTC)|text=Ahh, the precious Talk Bubble. Everyone wants one :P
The standard talk bubble is the [[Template:TalkTextTest2|TTT2]] template, and unless you want anything complex, use it.
Here my four easy steps to create a Talk Bubble:
:<big>'''1.'''</big> Start by opening this page and create it : [[Template:Khgurl]]
:<big>'''2.'''</big> Copy the following coding to that page.
[[Category:UserTalk templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
:<big>'''3.'''</big> Add your chosen image, some [[Help:Color Chart|colors]] and the fonttype. (color=above, color2=below, textcolor=above, textcolor2=below, line=middle line color, border=the border color, fonttype=type of font, name=your user name ''(Khgurl)'', sig=your top line (the text on top), time=your secondary line (the small one below the sig), text=leave it at <nowiki>{{{text}}}</nowiki>, and the last bit of coding=just leave it be!)
:([[User:Troisnyxetienne|Troisnyxetienne]] has put together [[User:Troisnyxetienne/Talk Template Archive|a page]] with a lot of preview bubbles, you can choose whichever you want, or create your own.
:<big>'''4.'''</big> Put all the coding in the right place and click on the "Save page" button. Now the template has been created!
:Now, to make the template appear on a talk page, type:
I think that these are the complete Talk Template basics. Enjoy :P}}
==== Infobox ====
{{Xiggie|time=17:27, 6 July 2009 (UTC)|text=And finally, the '''Infobox'''. Something no user can be without :P
To start the infobox, type:
{| style="border: 3px bordercolor solid; background: backgroundcolor; padding: 5px; width:300px; text-align:center;" align="right"
Fill in the 'bordercolor' and 'backgroundcolor' with the [[Help:Color Chart|colors]] you want.
To insert a single row, type:
|colspan="2" style="border: 2px bordercolor solid; text-align: center; color: fontcolor; background: boxcolor;" | text
Fill in the 'bordercolor', 'fontcolor' and 'boxcolor' with the [[Help:Color Chart|colors]] you want, and make the 'text' say whatever you want (Most commonly used for the User name/Your name).
To insert an image, type:
|colspan=2 style="border: 2px bordercolor solid; text-align: center;"| image
Fill in the 'bordercolor' with the [[Help:Color Chart|color]] you want, and put your image (300px) in instead of 'image'.
To insert a double row, type:
|valign="top" style="border: 2px bordercolor solid; background: boxcolor; width:140px; color: textcolor1"| text
|style="border: 2px bordercolor solid; background: boxcolor2; color: textcolor2"| text2
Fill in the 'bordercolor', 'boxcolor', 'boxcolor2', 'textcolor', 'textcolor2' with the [[Help:Color Chart|color]] you want, and insert your texts instead of 'text' and 'text2'.
To end the infobox, type <pre>|}</pre>
You can put up as many rows as you want, but you should only have one image. Remember to close the infobox once you've finished putting all of the things in it :D
So, now you know how to create a Infobox. Enjoy :P}}
|fonttype=Trebuchet MS
|sig=The light of Kingdom Hearts, it'll show you the way.
|time=''I'm going to tell you '''the truth'''.''
|text=Oh god, you are my savior! Thank you so much, now I have so many things to do...(Quite the busy person most of the time. :D)
== Help was wanted; sorry if I'm a tad late to the party... ==
{{MechaUltimaZero|text=Hey there, not to say that Xiggie can't show you the ropes, but if you want some help, just ping me. It's not like I really have much of anything else to do these days.}}
|fonttype=Trebuchet MS
|sig=The light of Kingdom Hearts, it'll show you the way.
|time=''I'm going to tell you '''the truth'''.''
|text=Yeah, you can help. But I'm only online at certain times (Since our time zone are very different) and due to exams coming up, I have to stay in school most of the time. And yeah, if you want to leave a message, go on. For now, I was wondering if you could create a unique talk bubble for me. This one I currently have is only a stand-by.
{{MechaUltimaZero|text=Well, it's not perfect (sorry, but I can't figure out how to get rid of that last bit of red), but at least you've got it. I essentially modified my own, and you can find the coding [[Template:KHGurl|here]]. This is what it actually looks like:
Again, sorry I can't ditch that last bit of red, you could probably have Xiggie take a look at it.}}
{{Xiggie|time=19:08, 7 July 2009 (UTC)|text=Hmm, why don't you just use the 'top-section' function of the TTT2 template?
let me show you:
|fonttype=Trebuchet MS
|top-section=<font color=#C0C0C0>'''[[User:Khgurl|<font size=3 face=Trebuchet MS color=#C0C0C0>Kh</font>]][[User Talk:Khgurl|<font size=3 face=Trebuchet MS color=#C0C0C0>gurl</font>]]''' — {{{time}}} — The light of Kingdom Hearts, it'll show you the way.</font>
|text=this is a test
|fonttype=Trebuchet MS
|sig=The light of Kingdom Hearts, it'll show you the way.
|time=''Looks like we gotta start by helping out here.''
|text=Thanks for the help, you guys. Starting to get the hang of this text box. Especially Ziggie; I'm not able to talk to you at time. Pretty busy, papers coming real soon and if I need good grades I have to focus. (And be better than my brother. He thinks he's a genius.)
Ziggie, can I ask you a favour? I was thinking if you could make an archive poster, similar to the one you have in your user talk archives. Sorry, I can't afford Photoshop right now (Due to family issues) and I pretty suck in graphic editing, though it might get me some time to get used to. I'm more to a musician person.
{{Xiggie|time=12:41, September 14, 2009 (UTC)|talk=It's '''Xiggie''', not Ziggie!
Anyway, you are usign the template wrong, you don't have to insert all of that code...
But, sure, I'll make you an archive image. You want one with mickey, right? I'll get started on it right away :P}}
{{Khgurl|text=Sorry, it's Xiggie, right? Been quite busy and not in a good mood. And yeah, I'm still quite new to this, sorry for disturbing you when you are so busy to adapt to your new school term.}}
{{Xiggie|time=23:56, October 2, 2009 (UTC)|text=I am SO terribly sorry. I uploaded the Archive image onto PhotoBucket some weeks ago, but forgot to give you the link...
so sorry for the delay, but here is your Mickey Archive image:
{{Khgurl|text=Thank you so much! I'll paste it later, 'cause right now I'm kinda busy with my studies and all since my Very Important' papers are coming right in less than a month.}}
== Hey There ==
{{Xion4ever|time=16:02, September 12, 2009 (UTC)|happytext= Hey there! Sure we can be friends! Just call me "Xion" btw. Nah, I've been here for about 2 1/2 to 3 months. Oh and the graphics (coding) is a problem everyone starts out with. I'm still learning about it. Any questions just ask! Also, feel free to get on the IRC channel to chat!}}
|fonttype=Trebuchet MS
|sig=The light of Kingdom Hearts, it'll show you the way.
|time=''Gosh, I can't remember.''
|text=Which one? I got into the IRC page, and there are so many of them. My first time going on an IRC channel, and now I'm kinda confused.
{{Xion4ever|time=21:35, September 13, 2009 (UTC)|text= Sorry for the late response. You click on the one that says '''''#wikia-kingdomhearts'''''. Type your user name in the username box, and select #wikia-kingdomhearts from the channel box and there ya go! See ya later!}}
|fonttype=Trebuchet MS
|sig=The light of Kingdom Hearts, it'll show you the way.
|time=''Gosh, I can't remember.''
|text=Thanks for the tip, but I'm a little busy right now. So many projects to be redone and I have to focus on my exams. I'm not American, since our time zones are completely different, but I try to talk on the IRC Channel to you whenever I can. You don't mind right?
== What Up? ==
{{XionXIV|time=13:31, September 14, 2009 (UTC)|happy=Hi! I'm XionXIV.I don't plan on telling my real name but my friend AustinSora does... -.-" Anyways...welcome to the wiki!I'm not the person to be asking for information,but it's because i've only been on this site for...hmmm...I would say about a month,but right now,I just wanted to say hi!...Hi!}}
{{Khgurl|text=Hi, is it me or I'm getting more popular by the hour? Hi, now I have two friends whose usernames are Xion. Haha. I'm not really active, since most of the users are faster in submitting KH info in the speed of light. Though I've been here more than you do, we could learn together. I'm still quite new to this talk box thing and I'm pretty busy right now with all the papers and stuff. I'm not American, so I may be in a different time zone. It's quite late in my country, so I have to go sleep soon.}}
{{XionXIV|time=14:06, September 14, 2009 (UTC)|happy=Yea,it is you,and you kinda are getting popular by the hour...I didn't have this many people on my talkpage when I joined the wiki...so you're pretty lucky! :D And yeah,maybe we could learn together...as long as school and my siblings don't get in the way then we'll be FINE!!! If you have any questions that I know(<- lol),then ask on my talk page...if you wanna find out more about me...my user page,and if you wanna know about my life,my blog.(Careful of the blog,there might be a few depressing things... :o)}}
{{NinjaSheik|text=Forgive my intrusion, but please see [http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/index.php?title=Forum:Mr._Wayne_Allwine_Music_Video&t=20090917230330 this].}}
==Hello there ^_^==
{{TNE|time=05:35, December 27, 2009 (UTC)|noel=Merry (late) Christmas and Happy Holidays ! I don't think we've met just yet, but just thought I'd stop by to say hello !}}
{{Khgurl|text=Hi, Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too. You're quite popular in this Wiki, but I'm still quite new on this editing stuff. I hope you can guide me along the way. I wish I have my own character talkbox like the others, but I don't have Photoshop and that editing knowledge...}}
{{Ataradesu|text= Well If you want any pics for your talkbox, I can help you, just tell me whatever you need. ^_^}}
{{TNE|time=13:41, December 27, 2009 (UTC)|noel=Well, I'm no Photoshopper either but I can help you along wikiediting. ^_^ For Photoshopping, there's always Xiggie or Ataradesu (two of my personal recommendations !).
And yes, we're friends. Convo continues on my talk page. Remember to sign using <nowiki>~~~~</nowiki>. If you'd like a custom signature, just tell me what you want written and I'll do it for you, and show you how to save it !
Like, see mine for example (it reads ''For Christmas I'll give you the beat of my heart'') :}}
'''[[User:Troisnyxetienne|<font color="black">TNÉ</font>]]''' <sub>'''[[User talk:Troisnyxetienne|<font color="#00BFFF">Pour Noël je te donnerai</font>]] [[User:Troisnyxetienne/Mensa|<font color="#C0C0C0">le battement de mon cœur… ♥ </font>]]'''</sub> 13:41, December 27, 2009 (UTC)
{{Khgurl|text= @ Ataradesu: Well, I need a Ventus talkbox please, if it's available. All the top guys get to take whatever talkboxes they want... *sob sob*
And to Troisnyxetienne (That's quite a long username), contrary to popular belief among my family that Malaysians are petty people (Don't be offended, I do not have that kind of mentality), yeah, so having a Singapore on this Wiki: Weird, huh. Don't see many S'poreans here often.}}
{{TNE|time=15:32, December 27, 2009 (UTC)|noel=I know, you could just simplify it by calling me troisnyx* or even TNE. ^_^
But seriously, I used to think it was weird having people from this region at one point in time, but not anymore. One of the wiki's bureaucrats [[User:Bluerfn|Bluerfn]], is a Malaysian too (and I can't believe that after having known him for so long, I only found out about his origins just three days ago).}}
{{Khgurl|text= I don't talk much in the Wiki, due to me only knowing the story through reading the Wiki and Kingdom Hearts Insider (BTW, I'm a member in KHI too, but lately I've been trying to open up) and only played through KHII. So I'm not really confident if I can do a good job in this Wiki, and also of some occasional fights some users may get into sometimes due to putting unclear info into the Wiki. But I'll definitely buy Days and Birth By Sleep when it releases in my region and when I have money to buy my own DS and PSP (My brother is quite the jerk lately, doesn't want me to use his instead. Hmmp!)}}
{{TNE|time=15:40, December 27, 2009 (UTC)|noel=Well, at least you've played through KHII - that goes a long way. When I first started on KHW I only had KH and KHII complete, and KHFM, and I was anxiously waiting for KHIIFM. I had absolutely no idea about Chain of Memories or the cards or even Namine back then. And try telling your bro not to be so ''kiasu lah''...
You'll do fine, I'm sure. ^_^}}
{{Khgurl|text= Hmmp, tell him THAT yourself. I'll digress for now, before I go into an extremely fierce rampage.
Actually, I started out quite strangely. I only get to know Kingdom Hearts when I bought my first KH manga (Yes, the very first KH, 1st volume) in late October 2005. That was after my PSLE then. Then ever since I became hooked and do my best to find out everything about this amazing but peculiar series.
BTW, you know French? Are you a Chinese-Malaysian in particular? You must be multi-lingual then after looking through your profile! I've just completely my O Levels and waiting for my results that will be announced next month. I'm so scared to think about my results, since I didn't do much studying when the exams were near... }}
{{TNE|time=15:52, December 27, 2009 (UTC)|noel=Yes, I speak French. And no, I'm a Malaysian Indian. My Chinese is pretty broken :P}}
{{Khgurl|text= *Stumped* Okay, that...is surprising... though I'm a Singaporean Chinese, my Chinese suck too, hahaha!!!
I don't like crowded places, for that matter. Quite the anti-social, don't you think?
If only there's a Vocaloid userbox...I sometimes edit some stuff in that Wiki, though it's in a big mess right now. I sometimes wish I have Photoshop and some good drawing skills...I'll have an advantage towards the higher-ups here (Like Xiggie and of course, you sometimes.)
In short, I'm broke. Lol.}}
{{TNE|time=16:00, December 27, 2009 (UTC)|noel=Awwww. I'm not really that high. We're all just the same. Only that with power comes responsibility. And since I'm a mod, I must say, using the rollback function '''IS''' hard sometimes. (Rollback allows you to undo ALL the edits that vandals do, instead of just pressing "Undo" several times. But then, vandals take the upperhand :'( )}}
I made that, Tell me if that's OK.
[[File:Venbubble.png]]--[[User:Ataradesu|Ataradesu]] 16:06, December 27, 2009 (UTC)
{{Khgurl|text= The Ven's talk bubble is PERFECT! So anyone used it yet? And I think I need more tutorials to tell me how to use them properly and change my Mickey one to the Ven one, or switch the faces whenever I'm in a different mood.}}
{{TNE|time=00:50, December 28, 2009 (UTC)|noel=I could help, perhaps switch between Mickey and Ven depending on your mood. Is that okay ?}}
{{Khgurl|text= Well, I have most of the Mickey ones in my hands to change my mood (Go to my main page to find out), though I want to try out my Ven one for certain events. Sorry for bothering you though. ^_^}}
{{TNE|time=01:07, December 28, 2009 (UTC)|noel=Not at all ^_^ Okay, I'll put in the coding for Ven, then I'll show you how to use it ('''and''' if you can still take in more for the day, I'll show you how it's done).}}
{{Khgurl|text= Okay then, but I'll have to leave for a while for my haircut. My mother insist me on getting a haircut early before 2010 arrives.}}
{{Ataradesu|time=|text=Glad you like the Ven, he has been made especially for you, so no one has been using it. Tell me if you need anything else. ;)}}
{{TNE|time=01:18, December 28, 2009 (UTC)|noel=So to use them, you type :
'''<nowiki>{{Khgurl|text=Insert text here}}</nowiki>'''<br>
'''<nowiki>{{Khgurl|happy=Insert text here}}</nowiki>'''<br>
'''<nowiki>{{Khgurl|shocked=Insert text here}}</nowiki>'''<br>
'''<nowiki>{{Khgurl|angry=Insert text here}}</nowiki>'''<br>
'''<nowiki>{{Khgurl|sad=Insert text here}}</nowiki>'''<br>
'''<nowiki>{{Khgurl|calm=Insert text here}}</nowiki>'''<br>
'''<nowiki>{{Khgurl|ven=Insert text here}}</nowiki>'''<br>
And you get :}}
{{Khgurl|text=Insert text here}}
{{Khgurl|happy=Insert text here}}
{{Khgurl|shocked=Insert text here}}
{{Khgurl|angry=Insert text here}}
{{Khgurl|sad=Insert text here}}
{{Khgurl|calm=Insert text here}}
{{Khgurl|ven=Insert text here}}
{{Khgurl|ven= Okay, I get it now. I'm back after my haircut (But don't worry, it's just trimming) Thanks for the help, TNE!}}
{{TNE|time=02:45, December 28, 2009 (UTC)|noel=Don't mention it. ^_^}}
{{Khgurl|happy= But I still have a lot to learn on editing. Guess I have to pick up the rest by myself, though I might encounter some problems.
Next question: How do you paste pictures in the talk page. I've been wanting to place a 'Archive' picture Xiggie's been making me quite a few months back (See earlier topics). And how do you make different pages of archives (Sorry if my question isn't clear.)}}
{{TNE|time=03:58, December 28, 2009 (UTC)|noel=For that, you'll have to create a new page, say, User talk:Khgirl/2009 - and place your old discussions there. Archive pictures can be anything - but again, I recommend Xiggie or Ataradesu. Once the Archive picture is ready, tell me - I'll make the infobox at the side.
I also notice that you're doing ABRSM, coolios ^_^ I did ABRSM and finished Grade 8 when I was 13, and I kinda miss going for exams and stuff. I miss it so much.
EDIT 04:00, December 28, 2009 (UTC) : I just discovered that Xig had your Archive pic ready, I'll get it up.
EDIT 04:02, December 28, 2009 (UTC) : Done.}}
{{Khgurl|shocked= Say what??? I completed my ABRSM Grade 8 Practical Exam early this year, about mid February. *Goes to corner and starts lamenting how useless I am...*
Thanks for helping me for the umpteen time, TNE. So, you play the piano too? Cool.}}
{{TNE|time=04:17, December 28, 2009 (UTC)|noel=Believe me, you've done the exam of terror too, and I reckon you'll do well ^_^ I play the piano too, and of late I haven't been practicing pieces by the book. I've just made random songs out of the way, whenever an idea crossed my mind. That's pretty much what I do.}}
{{Khgurl|time=04:19, December 28, 2009 (UTC)|text= I did take my Grade 8 ABRSM twice. I failed the first one, and make it for the 2nd time by just a few mere marks. It was scary though; even though I practiced day and night for my pieces, I kinda freaked out the moment I enter the exam room. Boy, it was pure hell.}}
{{TNE|time=04:29, December 28, 2009 (UTC)|noel=I was initially scared of taking Grade 8 because the many people who took it before me have failed. Then I went in...... and I guess I didn't find it so bad at all. I guess. ^_^
My current challenge, however, is go be able to play the drums well. That's something I've always yearned to do.}}
{{Khgurl|text= It looks difficult as it initially seemed. I have a classmate of mine playing the drums in my school band and sometimes made mistakes that he shouldn't have.
My very first experience playing the drums was when I turned up to my friend's house to play 'Guitar Hero 5'. It was fun beating the drums, I feel as if I've de-stressed.
So, how many times did you take your Grade 8 exam? Once?}}
{{TNE|time=04:37, December 28, 2009 (UTC)|noel=Yep, once.
Like they say, anything's easy to learn at first, but difficult to master. I've got a basic grasp of the rhythm, but I need to build up my technique. The worst part is this : I've got no guidance.}}

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