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Maple Syrup.


You Should (Not) Get in the IRC

*Enters the room, slowly walking with my back to the light, a smirk of my face, as a light pulsates in the choker at my neck, small diamond shaped crystals circlying around it very slowly... almost creepily*

Hello, there. You're still around, missy? I'd like to have smeone to talk about anime. Oh, yes, Eva 3.0 is out, and even if you dont want spoilers, I need someone to talk to about Evangelion altogether. Please, meet me in the IRC as soon as possible.

Or, in case you can't, dont make that face.

We can meet again.

--User:Dark-EnigmaXIII/Sig 00:54, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

No, I haven't watched the movie, and the final trailer is in my dA page. Well, actually, the first 7 minutes of the movie are. And you can find them subbed on youtube. Like this. Tehre's also a 15 seconds commercial going around. Worth checking, too.

As for what do I know of the movie, everything. Spoiled myself unwillingly to death. Blowed my mind. Really. There's just so much stuff happening. I currently posses an audio rip of the movie... that's it, audio without images. I could understand some of it, though. I'll let you know when there's at least a decent cam rip around, though.--User:Dark-EnigmaXIII/Sig 02:31, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

Oh, THAT Final trailer. It hasnt yet surfaced, only in audio. Translating it, it says the following

Shinji Ikari continues to wander, still lacking the will to live.
He comes upon a place that teaches him hope. Finally the instrumentality project is set in motion.
To prevent Final Impact, Wille make one last grueling stand against the Eva-series.
Wunder tears through the skies! Eva Unit 8+2 sprints over the red earth for the last time!

The oficial name for the fourth movie is a bit of a debate, as instead of a letter, like the 3.0 beign named "Q" in japan, this one is named ":||" which in music means "End and Repeat"... so... yes. there's controversy if the ":" are part of the symbol, or just part of the tittle, in which case, it would only be "End".

If you want me to tell you everything I know, I'll send an email, because Im not in favor of publishing spoilers in talk pages anywhere. And you were close, the movie is 14 years in the future. I'll await your answer before sending the email~

--User:Dark-EnigmaXIII/Sig 10:59, November 22, 2012 (UTC)

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