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{{FinalRest|time=13:18, January 8, 2015 (UTC)|heading= Welcome to my fourteenth archive! All conversations on this page are closed and any messages you leave here will be deleted. To view my current talk page, look to the right ----->}}
== *Shine Shine* *Sparkle Sparkle* ==
{{Chainoffire|time={{User:Chainoffire/Sig3}} 06:13, October 7, 2014 (UTC)|halloween=Oh look a clean talk page. *Chain slides across floor and falls flat on his back* Welp. I'll be on the IRC if you wanna go over all that shinanigans. Otherwise I can just comment here.
EDIT:Hey FR, your ACTUAL favorite here. *restores the talk page from the burnt down ashes.* Manipulating fire has it's perks. Anyways, would you be up for a quick IRC chat about some things?
EDIT2: Go right ahead and mess around in my sandbox, it's no fun to build sand castles by yourself!
EDIT3: [[:Template:ParentPage|*Worries intensify*]]}}
== It's so clean! ==
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 06:25, October 7, 2014 (UTC)|LarxeneDismayed= Hey FR! Your favourite here. <3
I think you did a great job with the magazine, so it was certainly worth the effort. The only thing that I've yet to do is listen to the podcast... ^^
Thanks, Xion is a really nice person, so it was great to do it with her. We both felt that we ran out of topics to discuss, and when I suggested clothes, it was going to be Roxas' Twilight Town outfit vs Xion's Organization cloak. Not a very interesting thing to debate. xD
You need to play Days! The feels... Relaxing is good... I'd like to have some of that if I could... }}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 21:55, October 9, 2014 (UTC)|TearHappy= Don't you think I didn't see that Chain! I've become just as much a stalker as you have my friend. xD
FFXIII... I must confess that I don't know much about the Final Fantasy series really... I've not really looked into it that much heh. Is it...good?
As for Days, Wonderland isn't a great world there, so don't get your hopes up too much heh... For me, the best world in Days is either Neverland or Twilight Town. }}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 22:11, October 11, 2014 (UTC) |RoxasSad= I see... Is FF similar to KH in design? What I mean by that is...Are the worlds similar in terms of layout, and are there frequent bosses, etc...?
I did indeed. The only thing I've yet to watch/read is the podcast. I've not found the time to do that just yet. You're right. I've watched both Alice in Wonderland films, though I haven't read the book, and even I found the world in Days to be a little on the dull side... It just gave me the impression that when I was in Wonderland, I was in fact sat inside a cardboard box with lighting... They'd have to invent a whole new storyline if they were to bring it back in KH3, though I have doubts as to their doing that...
I'm with you there heh... We need something similar to what was done with Olympus.
Pssst, I made a forum thread. xD }}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 10:15, October 18, 2014 (UTC)|RenAmused= I see... I'd think about playing one or two of the games, but I don't have a Playstation console of any type, so I'm stuck there... I didn't know about it all being based in one world, so that's cool.
I get what you mean! There is practically nothing new in Days in terms of the world storylines. I mean, the main storyline of that game is really good, but the subplots are just terrible...Perhaps even nonexistent in places. The same is true for the main story of Re:CoM. Though, I've not watched a full playthrough of the card worlds themselves, so I only know little bits about that, like the first floor, and Riku's Destiny Islands... I think DDD is quite good with giving the worlds unique storylines... Every single one of them had something good, just like BBS. Perhaps part of the reason for that is because all the worlds were completely new, or if they weren't, they had a variation of some sort on the original. (Traverse Town & The Grid)
Yeah, it was really nice to see my name somewhere, after the effort I put into the soundtrack. Love ya FR. <3
'''Edit:''' Hey FR, I've missed you! I hope you're well? }}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 23:52, October 27, 2014 (UTC)|RoxasSmug= I see... I must admit that Re:CoM houses one of my favourite storylines, so I've always been a bit confused as to why everyone says that it's potentially the worst game in Kingdom Hearts. The usual reason that I hear for it being so bad is the card battle system, but surely it can't be that bad? If what you say is true though, I suppose that I can understand. I've been thinking of buying a PS3 so that I can play the remixes, but I don't know whether that's a good idea really heh. My heart says that I should, because I've wanted to play them for a while, but my head says that I'll get too distracted... It's a never-ending circle of hesitancy...
No worries heh. We all have things in our life that take over sometimes. Out of interest, what are you redecorating your room to?
I've been struggling to find the desire to edit recently. I got some treasure chest work done earlier, but even though I have a week's break, I'm not finding myself able to contribute much heh. I'm sure that'll change soon... Great to see you back! }}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 23:46, October 28, 2014 (UTC) |TearCheerful= You could always start a new one. My userpage is practically yours by now heh...
My thoughts on a card system, having not played Re:CoM myself, are that it'd be interesting to have something different in a Kingdom Hearts game... So, if and when I eventually play Re:CoM, I'll try to enjoy the system...
Do you have Dark Mode from the start of the game? It's only after Lexaeus is defeated that he <i>should</i> by able to use it heh... Reshuffling... Hmmmm... When you say that you've played up to COM, does that mean you've played BBS, or not?
It sounds really interesting! A 'collage of frames' conjures lots of different images up in my mind, but if I'm right in thinking that you're good at art, then it must be worth seeing heh... I'm sure you'll find a way to stick it up...Even if it involves some sort of elaborate pulley network... I like setting myself challenges heh... This whole wiki thing was originally meant to be a temporary challenge to learn a little of something new... Somehow I ended up staying.
Yeah, I suppose watching is good enough sometimes. LA's reviews keep the Recent Changes alive, even if it is just LA LA LA LA LA. ...but LA is fine, so he'll do! }}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 18:02, November 6, 2014 (UTC) |ZexionSolemn= FR! I'm so sorry! I completely forgot to reply to you. I spent the entire weekend, as well as Monday evening and the entirety of Tuesday revising for an exam that I took yesterday, and I somehow managed to forget about your message. Please accept my apology.
I see... So, dark form had its pros and cons then... Well, I'm currently trying to decide whether or not I want to purchase a Playstation 3 or not so that I could play all the Kingdom Hearts games thus far, and watch the two movies... It's a hard decision which I don't think I'll be able to make on my own... ^^
Yesss! The feeling when you accomplish something which was difficult is something special indeed. I understand you completely! }}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 22:14, November 19, 2014 (UTC) |RoxasAngry= Nice work with the Country of the Musketeers images by the way. I wasn't able to find images for it myself when I placed the template, so it's good to see that at least someone knows what they're doing! Out of interest, where did you get them?
The platform diversity really is a pain for people like myself heh... I'm torn badly right now as to whether I should go for it or not... Perhaps I'll get to the Christmas break, and then make my decision.
Thanks for the advice! I shall take it in, and it will definitely be a factor in my final decision. I hope you're well? }}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 23:24, November 26, 2014 (UTC) |LarxeneThoughtful= Ah well, nice work to you for finding them either way. I was a little stumped as to how to go about it, so I just posted the image template and hoped that someone else would be able to find a way... Trying to get images straight from the 3DS is a pain...
Haha, well you're fortunate there. My family, on the other hand, are all for laptops, etc... but consoles are something else. I'm the only one that really enjoys gaming of any sort, so it's difficult... I have to pay for things myself, rather than doing any sort of shared buy... This is why I've yet to play the main games... I'm doing fairly well with the soundtracks though... I've hinted that I'd like 1.5 & 2.5 soundtracks as my main Christmas present, but we shall see... I won't be too disappointed if I don't end up getting them. There's always the direct way of buying them...
I really am rambling hehe... Oh! I'm sorry. What is/was the pet?
As for me, I'm fine really. I'm busy, busy, and sometimes tired, but I cope. :) }}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 21:50, December 2, 2014 (UTC) |PyrrhaLonging= Hehe, I managed to find some images for the Traverse Town article in various places heh... So, I <b>can</b> be proactive when I feel inspired to do things! I'm with you on the recording front though heh...
I gained an interest in the KH music last year, and so I ended up buying the DDD Soundtrack, as you probably noticed. I hinted that I'd like the HD remix soundtracks as my main Christmas present, but if that doesn't happen, I'll just go and buy them myself! Either way works. :)
Oh, I'm sorry! We have a cat here too, and I've gone through losing pets in the past, so I know what you're going through. The vet bills are absolutely bananas these days too... I'll be thinking of you, and hoping that things improve rapidly for you and your cats. }}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 21:05, December 9, 2014 (UTC) |DisttheRose= That's a good decision in my eyes. I suppose that unless you're an avid collector of all the soundtracks, then just buying the Remix discs will cover quite a wadge of the music in the KH series.
You have my sympathy, FR. Has there been any change since I last messaged you?
Also, I have a question that I'd like to ask. Is it OK for me to rollback edits? I know that's a privilege usually for moderators and administrators, but there aren't that many of you folks, and seeing those strange edits by one-time users doesn't sit well with me... So yes, just wondering if that's allowed or not. If not, it's fine!
I have been struggling over my piece for the next magazine. (The top five list) I need to learn how to code a box to put text inside and format that text. It doesn't help that I haven't a clue what <font color=gold><nowiki><div class>, <div style> and {|</nowiki></font> do in an article or template. Not knowing what they represent drives me round the bend! :D }}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 22:35, December 11, 2014 (UTC) |RoxasSmug= That's good news, I suppose! At least one has recovered. Stuff like that can be scary, especially when you feel attached to the animal/person in question. It's not nice. I'll be thinking of you then. Recovery will be on my mind heh...
Hey, I don't want to cause problems. In hindsight, maybe that was a silly thing to ask, and I don't want to be a problem to you or anyone else, so if I am being one, please do say.
Well, I'm wanting to make a box (a box - square with border and background, etc...) to place text in for my top five list. The kind of list I'm wanting to make requires that kind of thing for it to work. If you check...somewhere... ... <!--Top 5 quotes in the KH series--> ... ... you might understand. I don't want to spoil surprises of course. No no... If that's going to be a problem, then I can rethink my strategy. Xion and I are almost finished with the debate, so that'll be sent in during the next two days or so...
Thanks for being willing to chat with me, FR. You're very kind, and I'm grateful. :)}}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 00:27, December 14, 2014 (UTC) |ZexionPuzzled= No problem. :)
Oh, I see heh... That's awkward. o.O
Hey, that code will work, but what does the <nowiki>{| |}</nowiki> symbolise in terms of what it will code? What I don't understand is what all the things that go at the start of coding sections represent. I realise that <nowiki>{{ }}</nowiki> means it'll be a template and <nowiki>[[ ]]</nowiki> represents just about any other page, but seeing those strange things at the start confuses me to no end, and not having a clue what div and class and all these strange symbols mean drives me crazy... Ahhh, rant over. As for the box, that'll work, as long as I can change the border and change the texture of the box's background. Thanks FR.
<nowiki>*Sends a box of chocolates to FR via airmail*</nowiki>
I saw that move on the Ariel vs Ursula battle by the way! Naughty, I say... xD}}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 17:29, December 15, 2014 (UTC) |TearHappy= I'm really sorry. I didn't realise that asking for that was the same as asking to be a mod. You have my apologies; that was a tad rude of me. I might ask in May, but it'll depend on whether I believe I'm competent enough at doing things when that time comes around...
Did I hear you say that you aren't good at explaining things? That was more than enough, and I'm glad I asked you. You have my eternal gratitude, FR for helping me understand! It's good to be able to understand that I'm looking at now. You're a star. :)
As if!
'''Edit:''' FR, I cannot contain my excitement right now! Having read your extraordinarily helpful guide on what the different tags mean, I managed to make something of my own without referring to anything while I was doing it! [[User:Aixon/StorageSpace#Aixon's_Coding_Experiment|Here!]] Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the first time since I joined the wiki that I've felt like I've truly accomplished something!}}
{{Aixon|time= {{User:Aixon/SignaturePage2}} 00:36, December 31, 2014 (UTC) |FRChristmasPresent2014= Hey FR! Thank you ever so much for my Christmas gift. You made my day, and to have put time into making something special and unique for four of us definitely makes you a wonderful person. :)
I just wanted to say, before you start to think I've forgotten, that I am working on an infobox for minigame pages. I'll have it done in the next few days if all goes well... I hope you're well, and if you're working on the magazine, you'll be in my thoughts. When you get time, my other message is up there to reply to as well!
'''Edit:''' I'm still waiting on that message, FR hehe... Just thought I'd let you know, and I hope everything is OK! Speak to you soon!}}
== Is it working...? ==
{{AxelAndNamineForever|DiZ=Thanks so much for helping me out! (Is this working...?) You were a huge help, and I was really surprised to see that it wasn't that hard at all! |time=14:33, October 7, 2014 (UTC)}}
{{AxelAndNamineForever|normal=Wow, thanks! I'll definitely give you my Userbox when I get around to making one. I'll definitely work on more bubbles when I have more time, as well!|time=13:45, October 17, 2014 (UTC)}}
==A new talkpage just for me?==
{{13sora|time=23:22, October 7, 2014 (UTC)|Meulin=Awwwwww, best gift ever! I feel so loved right now <3
Anyways hai! I missed all of you guys so much (Yes, even you, {{USERNAME}}) Now that I got school stuffs taken care of, I can finally be on here again! *sets off fireworks that end up burning down your talkpage*
Oh dear.
<nowiki>*</nowiki>runs off*
{{13sora|time=08:01, October 9, 2014 (UTC)|Cronus=<nowiki>*</nowiki>looks up at CoF* *douses him in a shower of only the purest, most expensive mineral water* Hey look, I can use the fancy stuff because I'm just that good. Don't ruin my accidental on purpose barbeques next time, I was just about to put the bacon on and now we're all baconless because some jerk had to put out the bonfire.
Anyways, now that Chain's been given a proper talkin-to,
Well, you DID let all these people write on your page before letting your (33rd) favorite person with write on it, so its not REALLY 'brand-new', its in fine condition at best. If thats the caliber of gift you wanna bring me, then fine, but expect the passive aggressive 'yes, even you's'. That just comes naturally when you are cheap with your gifts ;PP
{{13sora|time=06:42, October 11, 2014 (UTC)|CTHalloween=Well, I stopped taking all AP classes, finally got to the point where i could stop spending every waking hour reading Homestuck/fanventures/fanventures of fanventures, melted my old macbook and built myself an actual PC, and then, middle of september, i booted up DemOS for the first time and realized that I missed you guys and decided to drop by. And by drop by I mean read every talk archive ever then realize I have an account 2 1/2 weeks in, THEN talk with you guys. Im probably not going to be taking on so many projects like i did last time, but ill still do stuff/be around to chat.
On another note, I think I have a new favorite bubble. Do you think the colors contrast well, or is it hurting your eyes?
<nowiki>*</nowiki>gets up and leaves without anything catastrophic, accidential or not, happening*
{{13sora|time=20:57, October 25, 2014 (UTC)|CTHalloween=Sorry about the late response, I was busy watching every character Ive ever loved die. Brutally. Quite a few times :CC
Homestuck is a comic done in a unorthodox format, so fanventures are done in that same format. Think of a textbased adventure game where anyone can give out commands.
Yeah, it kinda was a butt-ton of reading, but at least you guys are funny.
If you wanna give me a job on the magazine, id be happy to help any way I could.
Also, I took your suggestion on the bubble, is this better?
{{13sora|time=09:40, November 10, 2014 (UTC)|TA=This whole late response thing seems to be a competition between us, doesn't it?
I mean, I don't really speak for all 10 million people or however high it is right now but I wont eat you alive if you dont like it. That helps, right? <s>But if you don't agree that Nepeta is the cutest thing ever, murder miiiiiiiight happen. Just a little, I promise i wont make it hurt too much just a little stab through th-</s> Wait what? Um, anyway:
Homestuck is a webcomic on the internets focusing on 4 kids playing a videogame. It used to work like readers would submit commands a la text based adventure game and the author, Andrew Hussie, would choose one and advance the story by doing whatever the command said. Keyword being used to. Now he's taken that part out in the interest of 'finishing the story within the next 3 years', so its just a story now sadly. Its a pretty beefy comic with large walls of text, but i could link you to a lets read breaking it down into manageable 20-30 minute chunks of audio if staring at walls of text isnt your style.
In the past year I switched back to Oasis because every other wiki is formatted specifically for it and it looks so bad in monobook, so it did take me a bit to figure out what you were talking about but I did find the page and i might sign up for the wiki tutorial if i can get all the rust out. I seem to remember doing a lot of those way back when. I've only got 53 days to do it, after all....
Halloween was a thing while i was off doing stuff, so happy late halloween, I guess. What was your costume for Halloween?
{{13sora|time=08:52, November 13, 2014 (UTC)|CrackShip1=Anyone other than FR|CrackShip2=My Talkpage|AC=Yeah, I see how much Ive been missed :'CC.... Well, at least you still talk to me FR <33
'Is the comic super long?'
<nowiki>*</nowiki>sigh* As much as I am tempted to lie my ass off to you to get you to read it, but I'm going to be completely honest with you. You know the Harry Potter series? Homestuck is about 1.5 times bigger then the whole Harry Potter series at a total just surpassing 7000 pages. Another not lie: Fan commands mean that its funny, sure, but it takes a while for stuff to get done. But it does get GOOD when the comic finally does get it's stuff together a little bit in.
With that in mind, if you dont want to read it, *hides pitchfork and torch behind my back* I wont murder you, I PROOOOOMISE. If you do want to read it, yaaaaaaaay <33. Also, if you decide to start reading, feel free to talk about it with me if thats desirable, I'd love to hear your thoughts on your first read-through.
Oh yeah, you're a New Zealander. Sorry about that, its been a while since I was reminded of that fact. Well, Halloween gives Char and I excuses to
a. crossdress
b. roleplay
c. for me to dress up as a catgirl
d. go out in public in said costumes and not have anyone bat an eye
e. buy a ton of cheap candy november 1st
but mainly the first 4. All in all, its an excuse to dress up and thats all i really need out of a holiday. Or any day for that matter.
{{13sora|time=03:10, November 16, 2014 (UTC)|CrackShip1=Fr|CrackShip2=Dem Hamsteaks|AC=
Well, jumping into Homestuck a bit in would be like playing KHII without playing the first one or CoM. You'll see all the actiony bits and laugh at some of the jokes, but youll have no idea who this douchebag is or why he's doing the windy thing or what the windy thing even IS. So yeah, I would suggest reading it all the way through.
Eh, its not really my part of the world per se that was crazy this halloween, it's just me, my cute adorable sweet amazing wonderful loving girlfriend <33, and all of the other jokahs in my little circle of friends who go out in more... out there costumes on occasion. Halloween is just an excuse to be more open about them.
{{13sora|time=10:09, November 28, 2014 (UTC)|CrackShip1=13sora|CrackShip2=Sleep|AC=
Well that conversation feels all wrapped up. In a thin attempt to not be lonely and consequently leave again, I'm just going to ask you some questions and hope some of these turn into conversations.
Whats your favorite color?
Pirates or Ninjas?
Does it rain over there and if it does, do you put on your rain gear or just act like its a normal day?
Pants or skirts?
Cats or dogs?
Your title is the Wiki Mother. Out of us, who is your favorite child?
What is love?
Have you found love in your life?
If you had a baby boy/girl, what would you name him/her?
Do you like green eggs and ham?
What is the meaning of life?
Feel free to not answer any that you don't want to, I'm not going to hold a gun to your head and MAKE you answer them....
But seriously though, these are just the things 13sora does at two am, feel free to just ignore me and ill fade back into obscurity, i guess. Now, 13sora needs sleep. 13sora will now stop referring to himself in the third person and nap.}}
[[User:LegendAqua/Arena|*bumpty bump...the spooks continue.........]] {{User:LegendAqua/Sig5}} 04:45, October 11, 2014 (UTC)
== IRC ==
New section because why not? I have a bunch of people here, care to join us? {{User:Chainoffire/Sig3}} 04:41, October 13, 2014 (UTC)
== Hi Ho Hi Ho...Hi? ==
{{LegendAqua|{{User:LegendAqua/Sig5}} 09:42, November 7, 2014 (UTC)|rena=Hey FR, long time no see...
It's been kinda barren in here...
Sorry to shoutout but...
[[User:LegendAqua/Arena|Celebrate LA's 300th anime with these battles!!!!!!!]]
How was Halloween and u busy even now or?...
Again it's kinda barren right now cept like LA and Aixon.}}
{{LegendAqua|{{User:LegendAqua/Sig5}} 21:33, November 12, 2014 (UTC)|rena=Ohh let's see what did LA do for Halloween?.
*Did a Top 13 Animes to watch on Halloween
*Watched Corpse Party (Horror and gore galore)
Hmmm this year alone, LA thinks maybe 30? 40?. (Including shorts)
LA has been kinda putting the music reviews on hiatus tho....hmmm LA might look at it after LA finishes Boku wa Tomodachi NEXT's OP review tho....thanks for the suggest!}}
{{LegendAqua|{{User:LegendAqua/Sig5}} 20:57, November 14, 2014 (UTC)|origami=Hmmm if you say weekly...about 30-ish right now + one daily anime...yeah that's about right right now this season.
Boku wa Tomodachi = I Don't Have Many Friends
The person in LA's previous Talk bubble is Rena Ryuuguu from Higurashi no <font color=red>Na</font>ku Koro Ni}}
hi how are you and what you doing :) i like kingdom hearts is awesome
{{LegendAqua|{{User:LegendAqua/Sig5}} 07:19, November 23, 2014 (UTC)|tohka=Ohhh your up to that episode.......well prepare yourself for the next arc...heeheheeeeeeHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAA...tis gonna be insane batsh*t crazy.}}
how are you :) what you doing
==Open the noodle box==
Bonjour mademoiselle, most of Group A are hustling around a campfire right now and we need you to join us! Email me and I'll reply with directions on how to get there ^_^ <!--My email is Also, you need gmail; I hope that's not a problem?--> {{User:TheFifteenthMember/Sig1}} 17:06, December 8, 2014 (UTC)
{{TheFifteenthMember|time={{User:TheFifteenthMember/Sig1}} 18:41, December 11, 2014 (UTC)|default=Don't worry; I found a way for the campfire to burn 24/7 (you'll see when you get there). My email is (I enclosed it in hidden text to see if you'd notice ^_^). Sorry about that. Anyways, join us promptly. Everyone else is already here! <!--Oh, you don't need gmail. use any email.-->}}
i have read the all rules
i have play kingdom hearts on ps2 wen i was young i know kh :3
== IRC ==
Please tell me you're still available. {{User:Chainoffire/Sig3}} 08:53, December 12, 2014 (UTC)
:Dang it, you weren't on for more than an hour! >.< Perhaps we should make an arranged meeting about this? Because I'd rather have an IM chat about this than an email. (If it's the same issue we're thinking of) Does Saturday like... two hours earlier work for you at all? If you get this message, I'll be on for a few more minutes, so don't lose all hope quite yet. {{User:Chainoffire/Sig3}} 09:03, December 12, 2014 (UTC)
:Okay, Now I'm going to bed. Wow our schedules suck xD {{User:Chainoffire/Sig3}} 09:14, December 12, 2014 (UTC)
I'll be on the for a while, so feel free to get on anytime. {{User:Chainoffire/Sig3}} 02:46, December 13, 2014 (UTC)
IRC if you're still on? {{User:Chainoffire/Sig3}} 05:39, December 30, 2014 (UTC)
Got your email. IRC? {{User:Chainoffire/Sig3}} 05:09, January 1, 2015 (UTC)
Let's finish this magazine! {{User:Chainoffire/Sig3}} 05:49, January 2, 2015 (UTC)
That's cool. I'm on whenever. {{User:Chainoffire/Sig3}} 06:26, January 3, 2015 (UTC)
IRC? {{User:Chainoffire/Sig3}} 05:15, January 4, 2015 (UTC)
== Merry Christmas! ==
{{Aixon|time= {{{time}}} |TearHappy= <div style='border:5px solid black;font-size:15px;background:crimson;cellspacing:0;cellpadding:10;align:left;width:70%'>
[[File:Aixon Christmas Roxas.png|left|257px]]<br /><center><font color=white><font face=monotype corsiva>'''''Merry Christmas, FR!'''''<br /><br /> Thank you for your support throughout this year, and for your kind messages and time spent chatting to me. You truly are a special friend. You're my favourite admin too!</font></font></center>
==Merry Christmas from a dragon!==
{{Draaek|Dragon=FR! This one answers late because I was out in vacations when you sent the present and it wasn't really easy to sit down and say THANKS! I'll be using this on everyone's talkpage very soon. Dragon invasion ftw!|time={{User:Draaek/sig1}} 04:17, December 26, 2014 (UTC)}}
== The End of Jpgs Project ==
Is this still something that needs to be done? I can work on converting and re-uploading all those images, [ '''and more'''] if necessary.
Thanks. [[User:TheD3xus|TheD3xus]] ([[User talk:TheD3xus|talk]]) 22:59, January 3, 2015 (UTC)
==For the team's awesome FResh mind==
Get yerself an eclair!
Congrats! {{User:TheFifteenthMember/Sig1}} 18:17, January 4, 2015 (UTC)
==Keychain Forum==
{{RoxasXIIILK|time=05:01, January 6, 2015 (UTC)|icecream= Hey FR it's been a long time haha first off how are you!!! Secondly, I came to ask you if you could tend some of your thoughts on the forum we have here on the Keychain project. I heard you're not happy with what you had to witness at the meeting the other day but I feel like we need to come together as a wiki and especially its staff and talk about what we want for this place. I mean hey I'm getting involved in all this stuff so if I can I feel like we all should ykno. So how about it?! Think you could lend us that old FR brilliance? ;D Also I heard about the 6 page thesis on the matter you sent to chain. Lets just try not to break the forum eh ;D Thanks bunches <3 *gives icecream*
EDIT: So as I was posting on LA's page I remembered something.... I never gave you any holiday wishes!! So these might be a little late but.... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ^.^}}

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