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Xion vs. Saix

Yeah, Im a fan of Xion. That isn't why I picked the name though. I created this account the day that Xion's name was announced, so I grabbed it. Now I really like her though, kind of like a black-haired Kairi with a Keyblade. Of course, I won't argue that Xion is any better than Saix (well not at least until after I have played 358/2). Still, I believe I wrote a rather large segment on the Saix page myself. He was my fav Org. XIII Member (not counting Roxas) until Xion came out. If there was no Xion, I would be Roxas13 or Saix7!

I think you can play as SaixEliskuya2 01:46, 21 October 2008 (UTC)

What, For days? Even with no footage, It was already announced that org. Members 2-13 are playable (definitely no playing as Xion, but Xemnas is still questionable) That would be interesting, because berserk mode would probably be really hard to activate, or maybe its like a drive? Maybe a spell, because Roxas has spells just like sora. Anyway, you should contact other members, and get them to vote here so the whole Xion vs. Saix thing makes sense. It would definitely be interesting! Xion14 20:49, 21 October 2008 (UTC)

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