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Xion vs. Saix

Yeah, Im a fan of Xion. That isn't why I picked the name though. I created this account the day that Xion's name was announced, so I grabbed it. Now I really like her though, kind of like a black-haired Kairi with a Keyblade. Of course, I won't argue that Xion is any better than Saix (well not at least until after I have played 358/2). Still, I believe I wrote a rather large segment on the Saix page myself. He was my fav Org. XIII Member (not counting Roxas) until Xion came out. If there was no Xion, I would be Roxas13 or Saix7!

I think you can play as SaixEliskuya2 01:46, 21 October 2008 (UTC)

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