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yeah umm how do i make a talk bubble thing

How To Make A Talk Bubble

|image=sprite color
|color=bottom color
|color2=top color
|textcolor=top text color
|textcolor2=bottom text color
|line= line color
|time=''Quote2'' -{{{time}}}
  • Image- The image is the talk sprite you want to use in your bubble. To select a sprite just find the sprite you want, go to its link and copy and paste the DaysRoxas.png (end piece of the link that says something similar to this) into the section.
  • Imagesize- It’s best not to mess with this one. Usually 70px is fine.
  • Color- This is the top color of the bubble.
  • Color2- This is the bottom color of the bubble.
  • Textcolor- The color of the top text.
  • Textcolor2- The color of the bottom text.
  • Line- This is the color of the line that appears in the middle of the divide of the top and bottom sections of the talk bubble.
  • Fonttype- Arial should be fine unless you know other fonts and would like to incorporate it.
  • Name- This is where you put your username like mine is RoxasXIIILK. Make sure you actually type in your ‘’’REAL FULL’’’ username. If you would like to shorten your name then simply put |nick=insert your “nickname” here under the name section. In the nick section (if you choose to use it) you write you shortened name like for me I put in Roxas.
  • Sig- This section contains your first quote.
  • Time- This section holds your optional second quote before {{{time}}} and the time.
  • Text- I believe this section is pretty self explanatory but since I know how clueless I can be sometimes I’ll lay it out simple; This section holds your text (what you want to say.)
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The Kingdom Hearts Wiki does allow for unofficial images or fanart to be uploaded to our image database. Your image that was not in accordance with our image policy was deleted, please refrain from uploading such media in the future. Thanks. --User:DoorToNothing/Sig 07:40, January 31, 2011 (UTC)

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