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[[File:CMArchive-1-1.png|thumb]][[File:VenHappy.png|left]]<br><span style="color:midnightblue;">OHAI
<span style="color:red;"><u>'''General Rules'''</u></span>
:*<span style="color:steelblue;">'''No''' l33t speak, please. It is for the idiotic.
:*<span style="color:steelblue;">I'm also up for proof-reading or grammar-checking/fixing walkthroughs or pages, so leave me a message here if you need me.
:*<span style="color:steelblue;">If you need any help at all, actually, go ahead and ask.
:*<span style="color:steelblue;">I love talk bubbles, for the record.</span>
I. Steal. From. Silver. Crono!
{{welcome|[[User:Redeemer & Destroyer|Redeemer & Destroyer]] 23:33, February 1, 2010 (UTC)}}
{{Xion4ever|time=23:36, February 1, 2010 (UTC)|text=Hey there, welcome to the KH Wiki! Any questions just ask! Also if you would like a talkbubble just tell me the character, colors, and quotes.}}
== Spoilers on IRC channel ==
{{Xion4ever|time=22:37, March 1, 2010 (UTC)|text=I was notified that you posted some BBS spoilers on the main channel earlier today on the IRC. I gave you the rules multiple times yesterday. I understand you are a new user and all, but no excuse. When you join the IRC channel, '''check the channel topic!''' Valuable information can be found there! I'm going to remind you again to see [[Kingdom Hearts Wiki:World Terminus|this]]. Read this!
I already had to tell you to stop the roleplaying/abusing the /nick function multiple times yesterday...if you continue these actions, the appropriate measures will be taken. Just read the link I posted above and follow the rules, no big, right?}}
im sorry i did not know i posted any spoilers i read it fully and i must have not been paying any attention
== Talkbubble Message/Note To Self:\ ==
{{Chihuahuaman|time=01:17, March 27, 2010 (UTC)|text=INSERT TEXT HERE}} Replace INSERT TEXT HERE with whatever you want
{{Chihuahuaman|time=01:49, March 27, 2010 (UTC)|ven=INSERT TEXT HERE}} for Ventus but replace INSERT TEXT HERE with whatever you want
== {{Chihuahuaman|time=02:01, March 27, 2010 (UTC)|ven=INSERT TEXT HERE}} type for Ventus ==
replace INSERT TEXT HERE with whatever you want
== Welcome! ==
Hello all! Things have been sucking in my life so i thought everything would be better if i was more positive! Post anything you want, but make sure you make a subject first. Have a great time!--My Keyblade + Your face = pwnage 16:33, June 23, 2010 (UTC)Chihuahuaman
==Removing messages==
Hey there! Hey, I saw that you removed messages from your talk page earlier, and unfortunately, you can't remove messages. You can get a warning for that, so, yeah! Thanks! {{AurorSig}}
==Thank you!!==
{{WheelyRampage|time=[[User:WheelyRampage|WheelyRampage]] 07:51, July 28, 2010 (UTC)|text=I replied on my talk page first, but then realised I was supposed to reply here XD Silly me! Anyways, thank you very much for the welcome ^_^}}
==Re: FMA?==
{{WheelyRampage|time=[[User:WheelyRampage|WheelyRampage]] 00:55, August 2, 2010 (UTC)|text= I don't actually watch much, it's pretty hard to find decent anime where I live and my internet can have trouble with Youtube, I mainly read, and alas, I haven't got around to these yet, however I at the very least plan to get to FMA, I've heard really great things about it ^_^ Haha, and I do love my anime/manga. Enough to run off to conventions and the like. I will get around to them soon, I promise!!! XD}}
== Re:Project BBS ==
{{EO|time=15:46, August 4, 2010 (UTC)|text=You can read about it on my user page. Basically, I'm going to revise all the articles related to ''Birth by Sleep''. I'm currently doing boss articles, and I have six done.}}
== Re:YMX ==
{{Maggosh|YMX=It's a render dump from BbS. Go check out his page.}}
== Why not? ==
{{iZerox|time=16:11, September 27, 2010 (UTC)|sad=So considering you have 3 talk bubbles why don't you use them? I was about to come offer to make some for you but since you already have 3 now I'm just curious why you don't use them?}}
{{iZerox|time=21:08, September 28, 2010 (UTC)|happy=If that's the case I can help you out. =D}}
{{Chihuahuaman|time={{{time}}}|text=You can use it by using the following code:
Just put your text after the text= to use it.
You can replace "text=" with "ven=" for your Ventus bubble, or "van=" to use your Vanitas bubble make sure you don't add the quote marks though.}}
{{iZerox|time=21:08, September 28, 2010 (UTC)|text=I don't know if you use Firefox or not but if you do what I recommend is putting a bookmark to Kingdom Hearts Wiki in your bookmark toolbar so it's easily visible. Then right click it and choose properties. Then under "Description:" copy and paste your code so you have it easily accessible in the future by simply right clicking that link in your toolbar and you'll be able to copy your code with ease. I personally find it quite useful.
Good luck and let me know if you figure it out.}}
{{iZerox|time=22:35, September 28, 2010 (UTC)|happy=I'm glad you figured it out. I'd love to help you make one. I'm just in the middle of a small project at the moment. I'll be done soon and then I'll do it. Would you like it to follow the style of the text on top with quote on bottom or would you prefer it to be like mine?}}
{{iZerox|time=22:43, September 28, 2010 (UTC)|text=Yeah I could fix that. I could flip all your talk bubbles so the quotes above if you prefer that.}}
{{iZerox|time=18:56, September 30, 2010 (UTC)|text=Just dropping by to let you know I'm working on your bubbles. So what is the quote you want to be in the Terra one? By the way I'm just a normal user like you, not a mod. =P}}
== Don't be harsh ==
Organization is the Americanized English spelling. Organisation is the British spelling. They are both correct, and Organisation XIII actually redirects to Organization XIII so calm down. --Evnyofdeath 19:14, September 30, 2010 (UTC)
== Talk Bubbles ==
{{iZerox|time=19:25, September 30, 2010 (UTC)|text=Okay I've finished flipping and fixing them. Though I noticed I didn't flip the colors. It's real easy to fix but would you like me to flip the colors or leave them as is? You can view the bubbles here: [[Template:Chihuahuaman]]}}
{{iZerox|time=20:12, September 30, 2010 (UTC)|happy=Alrighty I finished your Venitus talk bubble. I went and made the image for yo using the model I got from the game earlier. I'd love to do more Ventus stuff for you but perhaps in a little bit. I gotta go finish up something else for another friend.}}
{{Chihuahuaman|time=20:12, September 30, 2010 (UTC)|venitus=You can use it by using the following code:
{{iZerox|time=20:12, September 30, 2010 (UTC)|sad=Also I messed up when telling you how you should use the code for the other bubbles. You should always use <nowiki>time=~~~~~ instead of time={{{time}}}</nowiki> like I told you before. This will fix the time stamps on your bubbles. That's just how the person before me made your talk bubble and I didn't think to change it. But I've fixed it now. They were incorrect this'll work though. So instead use <nowiki>{{Chihuahuaman|time=~~~~~|text=}}</nowiki> for your bubbles replacing "text" withe the appropriate name for the others. I also made the bottom of the Vanitas bubble grey so you can see the X-blade more clearly in it.
Try responding on my talk page with the Venitus one to see if it works and the time stamp on it too.}}
{{iZerox|time=20:21, September 30, 2010 (UTC)|happy=I'm glad it all works for you. If you did the shortcut in firefox with the description containing your code like I said be sure you update it. =) I'll make you a Ventus bubble as soon as I get some work done with the model for his mouth and such.}}
{{iZerox|time=20:30, September 30, 2010 (UTC)|text=Oh then what do you use?}}
{{iZerox|time=00:18, October 1, 2010 (UTC)|text=Your not very observant I guess. XD I already added it to my userpage.}}
== My User box quilt? ==
{{Organization 13|inquisitive=Do you mean the user box quilt I have at the bottom of my page?}}
<div class="usermessage">This, or the other one?</div>{{User:Organization 13/Sig}} 20:21, October 2, 2010 (UTC)
Okay, done coding. Just tell me what picture you want, what colour, and what categorys.){{User:Organization 13/Sig}} 20:31, October 2, 2010 (UTC)
Done! Need anything changed than ask me. {{User:Organization 13/Sig}} 21:56, October 2, 2010 (UTC)
== Joke ==
{{Uxie|time=11:41, October 22, 2010 (UTC)|text='''So i herd u liek mudkipz?'''
A meme that was mentioned on Bulbapedia. Expect that more often, "Mudkip"!}}
:We already are amigos (Spanish for '''Friend''')! [[User:UxieLover1994|<font color="gold">Uxie</font>]]<small>[[User talk:UxieLover1994|<font color="gray">Lover</font>]]</small>[ <font color="red">1994</font>] 00:48, October 23, 2010 (UTC)
== Re: Active? ==
{{WheelyRampage|time=[[User:WheelyRampage|WheelyRampage]] 00:16, November 2, 2010 (UTC)|text=Gahhh, sorry >_< School has been horrible, coming up to exam times and all. I have been here, just I haven't been signed in, and I've been hanging out on the FF Wiki more recently, dumping in information about Dissidia Duodecim and all that. I'll be more active in a couple of weeks, when I'm finally on holidays!}}
== RE:Archive ==
All done! enjoy! [] {{KKDSig|1}}
== See ya ==
{{iZerox|time=06:38, November 2, 2010 (UTC)|sad=Ah that sucks that your kinda being forced away. There's always the library I guess. Though some things are more important than paying for an internet connection. Good luck.}}
{{WheelyRampage|time=[[User:WheelyRampage|WheelyRampage]] 10:19, November 2, 2010 (UTC)|text=Awwww! That sucks man! Hopefully, we'll still be able to see you! Good wishes for the real world man}}
== Friend Request ==
{{ICR|time=11:02, November 14, 2010 (UTC)|roxas=Hi, Chihuahuaman! I saw you on my good friend, [[User:SilverCrono|SilverCrono]]'s user page. I was just wondering; could we become friends? Like, chat or keep in touch? Thanks!}}
{{ICR|time=09:33, November 15, 2010 (UTC)|text=Thanks! Here's my userbox: {{userbox|black|#FBA645|[[File:Venbubble.png|50px]]|info-fc=black|'''This user is a great friend of [[User:IceCreamRockz|<font color=blue>IceCreamRockz</font>]], who, like ICR, loves ice cream.}}. Sorry, I'm not an experienced wiki editor, and I don't know how to abbreviate it, so could you help me do that? Also, sorry, I have to trouble you to go to the edit and copy and paste. Could you tell me how to do that "no wiki" thingy? Thanks!}}
{{ICR|time=06:50, November 16, 2010 (UTC)|text=Oh, and I gave BbS to my cousin, and he moved to Australia....}}
{{RoxasXIIILK|time=05:07, November 22, 2010 (UTC)|text= Hi Chihuahuaman, I'm RoxasXIIILK. I was wondering if we could be friends.}}
{{RoxasXIIILK|time=20:51, November 22, 2010 (UTC)|friendtalk= Awesome. Hey do you have a userbox? Mine is {{User RoxasXIIILK}} do with it what you wish :D. Oh, and also I love making pictures for people. Some things I've made I have on my page. If you want I'd always be happy do make you something! Just ask :D!}}
{{RoxasXIIILK|time=22:47, November 23, 2010 (UTC)|laughing= Thanks dude :D And by the way, if you happen to leave a message on my page again, do you think you could use a talk bubble? It just makes everything so much neater and i get kinda obsessive with that stuff. Thank you :D}}
{{ICR|time=09:27, November 24, 2010 (UTC)|text=Nice to see that we have some things in common! Also, good luck on becoming a moderator! I'm new, so I'm gonna try my best to assist the wiki and make edits to contribute to the wiki, then slowly move up in the ranks. But, I can't imagine how much LapisScarab and JFHavoc contribute, yet they're not moderators. '.'}}
== Welcome Back! ==
{{17m|happy= I read that you were gone for awhile because of that connection thing. But since you're active again, let me say:
Welcome back!
I may not know you, but I still feel like I should say that, see you around the wiki and have a nice day! :D}}
{{17m|happy= You're welcome :D I was looking at the recent changes when I saw one of your friend edited a section on your user talk, that section was "see ya" and then i thought to myself "someone's leaving the wiki?!" aaaand... I read the whole problem. Sorry if it seemed like I'm stalking you :P of course! we can be friends :D}}
{{17m|happy= added! thanks! :D see ya around the wiki, and have a nice dae!}}
==Re:Crisis Core==
{{LapisScarab|time=18:43, November 29, 2010 (UTC)|text=Thanks for the tips! It's a fun game.}}
{{LapisScarab|time=19:27, November 29, 2010 (UTC)|text=Yeah, usually I go out of my way in RPGs to do any and all sidequests before advancing the actual story, so I can get more experience. I'm at the part right after beating the Bahamut Fury. I'd be farther, but I have a ton of other games I keep rotating to and from. Aerith and Zack have kinda sucky lives; it approaches ''Fire Emblem''-level depressingly sad storylines!}}
{{LapisScarab|time=20:10, November 29, 2010 (UTC)|happytext=Thanks, and yeah, I absolutely adore ''Whose Line?'', and I'm still furious that ABC Family isn't airing reruns anymore. I loved pretty much everyone that was on the show (Kathy Greenwood was my least favorite, but even she had her moments), but my favorites were definitely Ryan and Colin. They're the best comedy duo I've ever seen. If I had to pick one, I would have to say I like Colin slightly more, just because you can never guess what he's going to do next.}}
{{LapisScarab|time=23:29, November 29, 2010 (UTC)|text=I live very far north in Virginia, to the point that I'm only about a half hour away from D.C. Must end the conversation now, things to do!}}
== and archiving ==
{{KKD|time=05:52, December 3, 2010 (UTC)|kaiba=I'd be happy to make you a background, but to be perfectly honest, I have no experience with Could you give me some examples of others so I know how to format it? Also, looking at your talk page, there really isn't any need for it to be archived yet. When you start breaching 50 topics or it takes forever to scroll to the bottom is when you should be archiving it. Of course, when that time comes, I'd be happy to do it for you.}}
I'm inactive. I have and will be very inactive for a long time. Sorry.--[[User:Xion4ever|<span style="color:black">''Xion''</span>]][[User talk:Xion4ever|<span style="color:darkred">''4''</span>]][[User:Xion4ever/Atelier|<span style="color:maroon">''ever''</span>]] 22:25, December 4, 2010 (UTC)
==Friend Request==
{{ErryTalk|time=04:30, December 5, 2010 (UTC)|eziotext=Hi, I'm requesting you to be my friend, and if you do accept. I shall do much wellness for you. If you do not. FEAR THE WRATH OF THE WILD ERRY. Add this to the friends section of your page: <nowiki>{{Userfriend Erry}}</nowiki>}}
== Happy Festivus! ==
(Image not made by me) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! <small> hoe hoe ho-*shot* </small>}}
== Merry Christmas! ==
{{Organization 13|xmas=Have a merry Christmas, Chihuahuaman!}}
{{RoxasXIIILK|time=00:46, January 10, 2011 (UTC)|roxaschristmas= Hey Chihuahuaman I never wished you a merry christmas or a happy new year >.> my appalogies... A '''VERY''' late merry christmas and a happy new year to you my friend :D Hape both went well!!!}}
== Re: Request/New Years ==
{{iZerox|time=08:21, January 10, 2011 (UTC)|hooded=Hey there welcome back it's nice to see you here again since you were supposedly leaving forever. I have to be honest I have far too many things at the moment to do anyone's talk bubbles. It never hurts to learn how to edit them on your own. Happy new years.}}
|color2= white
|sig= "I wield these weapons, they can destroy any keyblade with a single tap!"
|time=05:23, March 15, 2011 (UTC)
|text=[[File:OathOblivTalkPic.png]]Hello Chihuahuaman, lol, I am new to the wiki and saw you were friends with Roxas, Chihuahuaman lol, I'm Chihuahuaboy! Yeah I never heard of you before so don't get any ideas! But a friend of Roxas is a friend of mine, because I know he's a good guy. [[User:Chihuahuaboy|Chihuahuaboy]] 05:23, March 15, 2011 (UTC)[[File:OathOblivTalkPic.png]]

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