KINGDOM HEARTS Celebrating 90 Years of Mickey Mouse Trailer

KINGDOM HEARTS Celebrating 90 Years of Mickey Mouse Trailer

A cool new video!


As the current Admin of The Keyhole community, I felt it was time to reach out and talk about recent changes and what lies ahead for the future. This format will give the community a chance to respond with any questions they may have. I will answer them the best I can, as long as they are directly related to The Keyhole community.

What Has Changed Recently

  • New Mainpage and Theme - We redesigned the mainpage to better reflect the franchise and for ease of use. Further design changes are planned this year, but no ETA as of yet. We removed links to non-FANDOM communities that will we no longer be supporting.

Current Projects

This section will be updated over the next few months as projects are completed and new ones started.

  • We are still in the process of re-establishing articles that were intentionally deleted to be linked elsewhere. Linking to communities outside of FANDOM does not comply with the FANDOM Community Guidelines, and it is certainly not healthy for the growth of The Keyhole. Reverting the articles and checking their content will take time.
  • Update the community with any information relevant to Kingdom Hearts III. This includes all world and characters within the game. Article pages have been created for both, but they are lacking information.

Where you can help

  • Updating articles
    • Update any article related to Kingdom Hearts III. Especially those in regards to characters and worlds. What is the role the character plays, how do they fit into the story, and what abilities do they have? The pages have been set up with section headers. Please use confirm-able information only, and provide references where possible.

What else can you do here?

  • Share information in Discussions! The link is in the Navigation at the top of every article.
    • Have a question about a game? Stumped on where to go next? Use Discussions to ask your questions or use your expertise to answer those of others.
    • Show us your KH art or gameplay guides! While we don't allow user-made images or videos on the article pages, we do allow them in Discussions. Posting images and videos is easy! Be sure to read the Guidelines prior to posting.

  • Note: Comments in this blog, on the forum, and in Discussions that do not comply with User Conduct will be removed.