Xion Auora732

aka Kaze Xyphus

  • I was born on June 9
  • I am Female

Journal Entry: Retired~ 

Name Xion Auora732
Title The Phoenix of the Wind
Gender Female
Birthday June IX
Residence Twilight Town
Other Residence Radiant Garden, Hollow Bastion
Weapon Oathkeeper, Wayward Wind, Frolic Flame, Kingdom Key
Attribute Wind

Appearence and Personality

Simple facts:

  • Female
  • Fanatic about Kingdom Hearts
  • Like reading Japanese mangas
  • Likes about almost everything Japanese
  • Will be friends with YOU!

Kingdom Hearts and Me

  • Introduced to Kingdom Hearts by: Oath
  • Started in MMX.
  • Favorite character: Xion Nobody

Kingdom Hearts games

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

  • Beat the game
  • Unlock every character in mission mode
  • Defeat the Dustflier
  • Get the game
  • Get over level LV


Mission 01: Learn Mission Basics
Mission 02: Learn the Basics of Combat
Mission 03: Learn About Your Field Duties
Mission 08: Eliminate the Watchers
Mission 09: Collect Hearts
Mission 11: Eliminate the Guardian 
Mission 15: Investigate This New World
Mission 16: Eliminate the Fire Plants
Mission 19: Eliminate the Deserters
Mission 20: Destroy the Shadow Globs
Mission 21: Collect Hearts
Mission 22: Eliminate the Sergeant
Mission 23: Search for Xion
Mission 24: Investigate the Desert Cave
Mission 25: Collect Organization Emblems
Mission 26: Destroy the shadow globs
Mission 27: Investigate Beast's Castle
Mission 28: Collect Hearts
Mission 29: Eliminate the Neoshadow
Mission 30: Collect Hearts
Mission 31: Eliminate the Bully Dog
Mission 32: Vanquish the Heartless Threat
Mission 33: Break the Jars
Mission 34: Eliminate the Aerial Masters
Mission 35: Collect Hearts
Mission 36: Investigate This New World
Mission 37: Vacation
Mission 38: Investigate the Castle's Master
Mission 39: Collect Hearts
Mission 40: Eliminate the Deserters
Mission 41: Eliminate the Morning Star
Mission 42: Collect Hearts
Mission 43: Eliminate the Giant Heartless
Mission 44: Eliminate the Avalanche
Mission 45: Collect Hearts
Mission 46: Collect Hearts
Mission 47: Collect Hearts
Mission 48: Eliminate the Solid Armor
Mission 49: Collect Hearts
Mission 50: Vanquish the Heartless Threat
Mission 51: Eliminate the Pink Concertos
Mission 52: Collect Hearts
Mission 53: Eliminate the Wavecrest
Mission 54: Eliminate the Dual Blade
Mission 55: Collect Organization Emblems
Mission 56: Eliminate Both Giant Heartless
Mission 57: Eliminate the Commanders
Mission 58: Eliminate the Artful Flyers
Mission 59: Collect shining shards
Mission 60: Eliminate the Avalanche
Mission 61: Vanquish the Heartless Threat
Mission 62: Eliminate the Carrier Ghost
Mission 63: Destroy the Shadow Globs
Mission 64: Eliminate the Emerald Serenade
Mission 65: Eliminate the Novashadow
Mission 66: Restore the Town's Heartless
Mission 67: Eliminate the Emerald Serenade
Mission 68: Collect Hearts
Mission 69: Vanquish the Heartless Threat
Mission 70: Eliminate the Deserters
Mission 71: Prove Your Endurance
Mission 72: Collect Hearts
Mission 73: Defeat Heartless in the Games
Mission 74: Search for the Impostor
Mission 75: Eliminate the Impostor
Mission 76: Destroy the Shadow Globs
Mission 77: Eliminate the Phantomtail
Mission 78: Vanquish the Heartless Threat
Mission 79: Eliminate the Giant Heartless
Mission 80: Break the Jars
Mission 81: Eliminate the Emerald Serenade
Mission 82: Eliminate the Spiked Crawler
Mission 83: Search for Xaldin
Mission 84: Eliminate the Scorching Sphere
Mission 85: Collect Hearts
Mission 86: Collect Organization Emblems
Mission 87: Eliminate the Windstorms
Mission 88: Eliminate the Giant Heartless
Mission 89: Eliminate six giant Heartless  --Not the Dustflier...
Mission 90: Place the Device
Mission 92: Xion
Mission 93: Defeat Riku! 


  • Done.


  • LVL 60 or the other

Kingdom Hearts BBS, II

  • Have played before --at friend's house.
  • Don't have a PSP

Kingdom Hearts, Final Mixes, I

  • Never played...
  • Do not have a PSP, PS2, or Gameboy Advance..


  • Kingdom Hearts II
  • Kingdom Hearts BBS


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