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<big>'''MAJOR INACTIVITY'''</big>
<big>'''MAJOR INACTIVITY'''</big>
Also, I will be moving to the new Wiki- when it happens.
Also, I will be moving to the new Wiki- when it happens.

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MAJOR INACTIVITY Also, I will be moving to the new Wiki- when it happens.

Random (Non-Kingdom Hearts Stuff) About Me

  • First user at the Kingdom Hearts (English) Wiki to use the Skinny Inversed talkbubble template!



Kingdom Hearts Experience

Like a lot of other users, my Kingdom Hearts experience started mainly by accident/coincidence. I was at my cousin's house where he had various PlayStation2 games; as curious as I was, I feared messing up his games and such. So I simply turned the PS2 on and played the game, which was Kingdom Hearts. I started playing it and bam! my love for the game grew!

I own all (current) Kingdom Hearts games that were released in the U.S.; save for Re:coded, which I don't plan on getting anyways. I have beaten all of them multiple times. My favorite Kingdom Hearts game is probably Kingdom Hearts (though Days and BBS come close). It had an awesome storyline along with a hard difficuly (remember Ansem, Darkside, Ansem II, End of the World, right after the other?!).


What Will I Edit?

I edit a variety of pages the most common being Days Mission/Weapon articles; check later early/beginning middle section of my contributions, I filled in/added to most of those pages. I mainly work editing templates and finding images (an "Image Nazi," per say). Also, I'm a make-shift personality/story section writer. Although I work more in the image/template sections I'll edit just about anything.

Todo List

  • Finish adding stats/separating templates to Days weapon pages.
  • Add personality/story sections to:
  1. Hundred Acre Wood characters
  2. Land of Dragon characters
  3. Beast's Castle characters
  4. Olympus Coliseum characters
  5. Pride Land characters


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