Xion Hi World! I am Xion14, at your service. There is no arcticle that I can't improve!

How Far Will I Go?

If you see a page that is in desperate need of inprovement, do not fear! For Xion14 is here! Leave a comment telling me about it, and I will do my best to increase the size of it.

Why Do I Do This?

If I don't kill those few dull moments every day, I get bored

If I get bored, I get annoying

If I get annoying, the people around me get stressed

If the people around me get stressed, they will kill themselves.

And if they Kill themselves, I will be lonely!

Important Updates

I know I've been off for a while. I just started High School and am putting a lot of time into my music. I have mada a few changes, but I promise to be all over this site if any major news comes through

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