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About Me

Username: Xemnas8

Age: 15

Template:User male

Location: Queensland, Austraila

Occupation: Student

School: RSC SC

Grade: 9

Religious Views: Athesis

Needs: A PS3

Listening to: 80's Music

Watching: Mythbusters & Top Gear

Playing: Chains of Memories (again)

Other Wikis: DBZ Wiki

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And this is My Signature--Xemnas8 Xemnas Final Form.png 09:22, November 28, 2010 (UTC).Thanks go out to LapisScarab this time who made my original signature. I'll only use this for a quick comment.

More About Me

I, Xemnas8, love the Kingdom Hearts Series but it is only the second best compared to Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (I love old games and Sonic tops it). I'm kinda new to the talk pages but have been using the Wiki for a while. I'm an Australain so the only KH game I don't have (that isn't japanese) is Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories but other than that I have all KH games. I also have msot of the English KH Videos form KH, KH FM, KH COM, KH Re:CoM, KH 358/2 Days, KHII, KHII FM and KH BbS. I also have most of the KH Music and a lot of KH Pics. If you want a video, song and/or pic, tell me and I'll try and upload it on the website. I think I'll try to get any of the latest KH News and post them in the Forums until I'm a little more know than I'll put them on my talk page. My Souces will be heartstation.org [1],kh2.co.uk [2] and kh-vids.net [3]. The News I'll add will be Ultamainia News, Game News, Interviews and other major KH News starting on the 20/11/2010 Aus Time. Any advice or objections, please tell me on my Talk Page.

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These theroies aren't about the games' story but about the Kingdom Hearts games production. First after BbS FM and Re:coded are released, Normura will annouce the KH3D's real name. After 3D, I think Square-Enix will make Mickey's and Riku's Absences on the Wii, maybe, and probaly make a 3D Final Mix. Just Theroies. Then make a collection for PS3. Then make Kingdom Hearts III and make a KHIII Final Mix.

Kingdom Hearts Gaming Summary

I have Kingdom Hearts on PS2, Kingdom Hearts Chains of Memories on GBA and on the VisualBoy Advance, Kingdom Hearts II on PS2, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 on Nintendo DS and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep on PSP.

Consol History

The first gaming console I ever had was the original Playstaion. Me and my brother played it to death. For my Mum's birthday, Dad bought her a PS2. Mum barley played it, so me and my brother played and bought many games. Then one winter holidays mum bought me a GameBoy Colour and my brother a GameBoy Pocket. We liked them but there were barley any games for them, so when we were on holidays we traded both consoles and games (we only had two between us) and bought a GameBoy Advance with Harry Potter as our first game. When I was a big fan of Pokémon, I bought nearly all the games of them. Then one Christmas, I got a new Nintendo Upgrade and got a Nintendo DS Lite (YAY) with Pokémon Diamond as my first game and got more games for it. Next X-Mas my bro got his own Nintendo DS Lite and I used it to my advantage to trade Pokémon and mum bought a new PS2 because our old one was getting really old. Then in another X-Mas, we got a Nintendo Wii. I liked it (and still do) but found out that there were no good games for it. When I found out Birth by Sleep was coming out, I had to get it but there was one problem, no PSP. So I waited for it to come out and got it with a brand new PSP 3002. It came with Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron and Toy Story 3 but I didn’t care about them, I wanted BbS.

So there you go, that is what has happened to me with my gaming life. I am planning to get a PS3 for the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III (YAAAAY! ) (C’mon ) and when Kingdom Hearts 3D comes out, I’ll get a Nintendo 3DS.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Beaten all three stories and the Final Episode: Ventus on Proud and Terra and Aqua on Critical.

Reached Level 99 with Ventus, 86 with Terra, and 61 with Aqua.

Completed all of the Mirage Arena with Terra and Ventus.

Obtained every Keyblade including Ultima Weapon.

Completed 99% of the Trinity Archives.

Defeated Vanitas Remnant with a level 75 Ventus.

Defeated Vanitas Remnant with a level 86 Terra.

Defeated Vanitas Remnant with a level 60 Aqua.

Defeated Unknown (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep) with a level 99 Ventus.

Completed Aqua's, Terra's and Ventus' Reports 100%.

Kingdom Hearts

Beat the entire game on Expert.

Completed every Olympus Coliseum tournament.

Obtained every Keyblade including the Ultima Weapon.

Collected all torn pages.

Sealed all Worlds' Keyholes including 100 Acre Wood.

Reached Lvl 100.

Completed Jiminy's Jounal.

Completed all the Moogle Synthesis.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Completed Sora's whole story.

Conquered the Darkness with Riku.

Completed Riku's D-Report.

Found the Ultima Keyblade.

Reached level 65 with Sora.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Beat the game twice Standard and Proud.

Completed all missions at 100%

Completed Mission Mode.

Unlocked Sora and Mickey Mouse in Mission Mode.

Kingdom Hearts II

Completed the game on Beginner and Proud.

Defeated Sephiroth twice.

Obtained all Keyblades including the Ultima Weapon.

Completed all Cups in Olympus Coliseum.

Found all Torn Pages.

Completed all worlds including 100 Acre Wood.

Finished Jiminy's Journal (including the Synthesis Notes) (Excluding the Agrabah's Carpet Ride and Olympus Coliseum's Pionts in the Cups Missions).

Reached Lvl 99.

Game Plans


Finish Sora's Story.

Finish Reverse Rebirth.

Complete Riku's D-Report.

Complete Jiminy's Journal.

KH 358/2 Days

Get all 358 Mission Crowns Have 360. (Done)

Get all 255 Challenge Sigils Have 90/255.

Synthesise all Items.


Get Terra and Aqua to lvl 99.

Defeat The Mysterious Figure (HE'S HARD) with Terra and Aqua and get the No Name.


Get Re:coded when it comes out.

Finish Re:coded.

Get KH3D & a 3DS when it comes out.

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