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  • I live in London
  • I was born on December 12
  • I am Male
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Journal:Online, but Offline in Castle Oblivion.

I'm XDRoxas, I like ice-cream and books and I'm a psycho at KH.

Ventus- Keyblade Armor (Art) KHBBS
Title Tiger of the Wind
Gender Male
Birthday 12/12/97
Age 14
Favorite Character Roxas
Favorite Keyblade Oathkeeper/Oblivion.
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I'm not the talkative type, so don't except a lot of words from me. I LOVE ROXAS!!!!! But that has NOTHING to do with my personality. I'm short-tempered, and often get angry if someone annoys me. I like blowing bubbles cos they shine! And I love eating ice-cream. It's soooo yummy. I'm a MASSIVE KH,FF fan AND a Dissida fan.

Games I own:

  • COD Black-Ops,
  • Kingdom Hearts,
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days,
  • Kingdom Hearts 2 FM+,
  • Fifa 11

Goals on the Wiki

  • TRY TO MAKE SOME FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!! (I'm such a loner -_-)
  • Do as much edits as I can! (Goal:122. Currently on 50.)
  • Edit KH 3D articles when they come out!!!
  • Learn more about KH!!!


Kingdom Hearts was first introduced to me by my friend. I searched about it and I immediately loved it. But I had a PS2 but I didn't have KH on it. So I asked and asked and at Christmas, I opened my presents and there it was. Ever since, I got hooked to it and got to Abgrabah. But then my controller got a bit haywire. So I got a new one, got KH 2 FM+ and played it. I abused the Drive System so much, I kept getting Anti-Form. THEN I discovered this wiki. It was AWESOME and had everything I needed to know. So I looked at it, did a few edits and got tempted to make my own account. Then I got Days. Since I loved Roxas, I was HAPPY to know it was ALL about him and the Org. NO SORA. But I kinda missed him.

Talk Bubbles

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Category Best 2nd Best Worst
Game Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts
Story Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Keyblade Oathkeeper/Oblivion Ultima Weapon Sweet Memories
Overall KH Boss Stalwart Blade Roxas/Gameplay Lurk Lizard
KH Re:COM Boss Marluxia Larxene Vexen
KHII Boss Xemnas Sephiroth Grim Reaper
KH 358/2 Days Boss Xion Riku Leechgrave
KH Character Vanitas Ventus Vexen
FF Character Zack Sephiroth Aerith
World The World That Never Was Twilight Town Agrabah
Heartless Neoshadow Morning Star Hot Rod
Nobody Dragoon Samurai Dusk
Unversed Vanitas Remnant Archraven Flood


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Oathkeeper KHD

Oathkeeper KHD
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