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  • I live in Preston, Lancashire, UK
  • I was born on April 12
  • I am F

Let's all make some noise !
Kana トワニックスエティエン
Romaji Towanikkusuetien
Title The Diligent Maestro
Home World KL, MY
Age 19
Acquired games Kingdom Hearts (EN)
Final Mix
Re:Chain of Memories (JP)
Kingdom Hearts II (EN)
II Final Mix+
Currently playing Nothing

Template:Q Hey everyone, Troisnyx here. Former mod and admin of the site when this was still known as Kingdom Hearts Wiki.

And not to forget that I'm now in law school......

On the IRC, I either go by my usual username, or I go by the name Ankoù, which is the Breton version of the Grim Reaper. But these days, expect me to be on with my usual username.

Why Kingdom Hearts ?

It all started in late 2002 when I first got my PS2. I had a host of games but I wasn't at all interested in them... until one day, when my cousin gave me a brand new Kingdom Hearts disc. I was indeed attracted to it because of the presence of Disney characters. I played it and from then on, I became more and more addicted to it. And ever since then, I tried to get every single Kingdom Hearts game available for my console. Well, I'm here now !



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Naminé's Drawoff and a bunch of other stuff.


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