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Name the final wairror of nothingness Weapons oathkeeper,oblivion,kingdom key,two become one
Spells none
Abiilities 5X combo plus,3X air combo plus,2X finishing plus,light sheilds,light beam,snych blade
Home world the world that never was
Age 15
Limits event horizen and magic hour

Template:User OXIII Template:User Nobody Template:User World That Never Was Template:User 358/2 Days

Pesonality:I'm just like roxas!

kingdom hearts wheopon choices: 1.I took the sword and gave up the sheild. 2.i took the struggle sword and i also choosed the sword.

battle style: no magic,no guarding.

look like: a younger roxas (by 2 years)

friends:enternal nothingness XII

I'm here on weekdays but not on weekends