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==About me==
Pesonality:I'm just like ventus!
kingdom hearts wheopon choices:
1.I took the sword and gave up the sheild.
2.i took the struggle sword and i also choosed the sword.
battle style: no magic,no guarding.
look like: a younger ventus (by 2 years)
friends:enternal nothingness XII, the darkest of hearts,and levl.
I'm here on weekdays but not on weekends
Which do you like better, oathkeeper or oblivion?
whom do you like better, sora or roxas?
which member of organazation XII do you like the best?
No.I Xemnas,the superior of the inbetween.
No.II Xigbar,the sharpshooter
No.III Xailden,the wirlwindlancer
No.IV Vexen,the chilly academic
No.V Leaxcues,the silent hero
No.VI Zexion,the cloaked schemer
No.VII Saix,the lunardiver
No.VIII Axel,the flurry of dancing flames
No.IX Demex,the melodious nocturne
No.X Luxord,the gambler of fate
No.XI Marluxia,the gracefull assasin
No.XII Larnexe,the savage Nymph
No.XIII Roxas,the key of destiny
No.XIV Xion,the replica project
which do you like better light or darkness
which do you like better inbweetwen nothingness?
which game is better
kingdom hearts
kingdom hearts chain of memerios
kingdom hearts 2
kingdom hearts RE:chain of memerios
kingdom hearts days
==my Theme songs==
<!--COM: "Thirteenth Discretion"-->
|game=Kingdom Hearts II
|themename=Organization XIII
|game=Kingdom Hearts II
==Favrite pictures==

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