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{{Inactive user}}
{| class="infobox" style="border: 1px #AAAAAA solid; background: #F9F9F9; float: right; padding: 7px; width:290px;"
|colspan=2 style="text-align: centerf|[[File:Roxas_Days_2.png|200px]]
|valign="top" style=" background:#4F807D; width:140px"|'''Name'''
|style="background:grey"|the final wairror of nothingness
|valign="top" style=" background:#4F807D; width:140px"|'''Weapons'''
|style="background:grey"|oathkeeper,oblivion,kingdom key,two become one
|valign="top" style=" background:#4F807D; width:140px"|'''Spells'''
|valign="top" style=" background:#4F807D; width:140px"|'''Abiilities'''
|style="background:grey"|5X combo plus,3X air combo plus,2X finishing plus,light sheilds,light beam,snych blade
|valign="top" style=" background:#4F807D; width:140px"|'''Home world'''
|style="background:grey"|the world that never was
|valign="top" style=" background:#4F807D; width:140px"|'''Age'''
|valign="top" style=" background:#4F807D; width:140px"|'''Limits'''
|style="background:grey"|event horizen and magic hour
{{User OXIII}}
{{user Nobody}}
{{user World That Never Was}}
{{user 358/2 Days}}
Pesonality:I'm just like roxas!
kingdom hearts wheopon choices:
1.I took the sword and gave up the sheild.
2.i took the struggle sword and i also choosed the sword.
battle style: no magic,no guarding.
look like: a younger roxas (by 2 years)
friends:enternal nothingness XII
I'm here on weekdays but not on weekends
Which do you like better oathkeeper or oblivion

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