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Me about myself

Hey everyone^^ My name is Dennis and i'm from Germany. I'm studying chemistry at Hannover (Expo 2000 city, some ppl might remember :p). I'm crazy about Kingdom Hearts and everything around it. I've played a lot of games already and i've never come across any other game that awesome :D Recently, i've been trying to convince ppl around me to start playing KH, cause it's odd not to be able to discuss new theories or anything about this game with friends. It's not like i'm a nerd or something, it's just fun to talk about this incredible story and all the mysteries waiting to be discovered. I'm hoping to have a good time with you guys here ;D



I just want to say that this site is awesome. I've never seen any other fan-made site being that good and well-organized. So this is like a big "Thank you" to everyone who's working hard on this, spending his/her free time. I've once checked out the german KH wiki.... it wasn't even half as good as this one here and no fun to read. So keep on doing a great job ;)

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